World Expert Lecture Series at UPV talks about global warming

WHAT happens when climate change results to the earth’s flooding or to a massive drought that causes a global famine?

A warmer climate means the atmosphere will be loaded with more water vapor which is fuel for developing intensive storms and hurricanes.

On the other hand, rising temperature can also give rise to prolonged moisture deficit or droughts in arid/semi-arid regions, resulting in loss of multibillion dollar revenues from agriculture, leading to famine and even humanitarian crisis.

These are possible the scenarios that will be talked about during the lecture-forum entitled, Impacts of Climate Change: “Perspectives on Multi-facet Impacts of Global Warming on Earth’s Waters” on Nov 19, 2019, 8 a.m. at the UPV auditorium in Iloilo City

The event is a World Expert Lecture Series that will feature Thian Yew Gan. He is a professor of civil & environmental engineering of the University of Alberta specializing in water resources, hydrology, cryosphere, remote sensing, and environmental impact of climate change.

It is organized in partnership with the UP Office of International Linkages and the UP Office of the Vice-President for Academic Affairs. (Mary Lyncen M. Fernandez)