‘WITH A GRAIN OF SALT’: Estancia shooting probers tread carefully in investigation

Chrysler Floyd Fernandez, John Paul Mark Bosque and Mark Clarence Libao

By Jennifer P. Rendon

The investigation group tasked to probe the Sept 14, 2022 shooting incident in Estancia, Iloilo will take allegations from all parties involved with a grain of salt.

In a statement, the Special Investigation Task Group (SITG) PALIBOSFER underscored that it “does not accept hook, line, and sinker the allegations of either party.”

“Rather, we would rely on the scientific, factual, and circumstantial pieces of evidence gathered during the investigation,” Senior Master Sergeant Francisco Lindero Jr., SITG spokesperson, said.

This came on the heels of the reported incongruent testimonies from several parties as to the events leading to the death of the three young entrepreneurs Mark Clarenz Libao, Jan Paul Mark Bosque, and Chrysler Floyd Fernandes.

Given the scope of the ongoing investigation, Lindero said SITG PALIBOSFER is confident that the notarized affidavits of Jevron Parohinog, the sole survivor of the rob-slay incident, and the families of the three fatalities would help in speeding up the resolution of the case.

“The SITG, as of this report, is still waiting for the affidavits of Parohinog and the families of Mark Clarenz Libao, Jan Paul Mark Bosque, and Chrysler Floyd Fernandes,” Lindero said.

He added that the draft of the affidavit of Parohinog was completed last Sept 18, but his private legal counsel asked for a copy to review it.

“To date, it is yet to be subscribed and signed under oath,” he said.

On top of that, Lindero said the families of the three fatalities have yet to finalize their respective affidavits through their private legal counsels.

The SITG contended that once the affidavits are completed and notarized, these will help narrow down the angles of the crime.

“While waiting for the affidavits, the SITG, through its sub-groups, is currently pursuing several leads to complete the puzzle as regards the identity/ies, motive/s, and the manner the crime was committed,” Lindero said.

Meanwhile, the SITG has again stressed that it is committed to fulfill its mission of resolving the incident by exhausting all possible means in gathering the pieces of evidence, finding witnesses to establish the identities and motives of the suspects, and filing of the case.

“Paramount to the consideration of the SITG is the justice that the victims and their families so deserve,” Lindero said.


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