Why become a real estate agent

By: Lucell Larawan

“Real estate is an imperishable asset, ever-increasing in value. It is the most solid security that human ingenuity has devised. It is the basis of all security and about the only indestructible security,” averred Russel Sage, an American financier and politician. No wonder, investors and end-users find it attractive.

As there are many investors, the demand for real estate agents is also on the rise. Why do they find this role attractive?  Aside from one’s autonomy in spending his or her time and the lure of big commissions, there are other reasons the seasoned agents can share.

Unlike many professions that require schooling which shells out P30,000 to P50,000 on tuition and miscellaneous fees per semester in four years or more, a real estate salesman only needs an accreditation which can later be upgraded into a real estate broker’s license. One can only finish 72 units in college and get accredited as an agent. A medical doctor cannot take the job of an engineer, nor can an engineer assume the role of the doctor; but both the doctor and the engineer can become a real estate agent. In other words, the barriers to qualify are not high while the income potential can be a big leap—at least four times more than what the average employee gets if an agent sells a property. This profession depends more on one’s work ethics, a determinant that is far better than what runs some offices where politics demoralizes.

Aside from needing only low personal investments to become agents, real estate professionals enjoy travel. One sales director said about what makes her enjoy her career: “I have to say travel. A country and a hotel of your choice. Good thing my company doesn’t scrimp on their incentives.” I have heard that Filinvest gives international travel as an incentive to those who put in a certain sales figure.

One thing that energizes an aspiring real estate agent is the commission for a single sales transaction. This means more financial freedom where one can buy what he wants and invest in a business. Though the typical agent gets an allowance of P10,000 to P15,000 a month, one gets at least two to three percent commission, depending on the developer. Three percent of a house worth more than P5 million is equivalent to P150,000 which means diligence is the key to one’s success in this profession.

Sometimes, a real estate company gives high-end gadgets and cars aside from the usual cash incentives for agents and brokers.

The rewards of real estate agents are not only the tangibles. Some seasoned brokers say that they feel fulfilment in helping clients choose their right home.

To prove my point, a survey by Careerbliss, cited by Forbes, reveals that real estate agent job emerged as the happiest job– a career “that will bring a smile to your face.” This is because besides giving enticing income and numerous perks, the field allows for and professional growth, and its industry is ever-evolving.

To help my fellow netizens find income opportunities through a career that gives one’s peep-o-day, I must inform them that Filinvest Land, Inc. is now hiring for part-time marketing partners who can refer clients through a commission basis (one to two percent commission depending on the number of clients endorsed).They will focus on a project in Cebu—condos at the One Oasis Cebu located at Mabolo. Those interested can email lucelllarawan@gmail.com.

As a backgrounder, Filinvest is the 9th top real property developer in the country which has operated for more than 50 years ago. With a diverse property portfolio catering to all markets and an assessed value of P532.33 billion in 2017, it has developed in 48 cities and towns over 2,500 hectares of land and more than 600,000 square meters of prime office, residential and retail spaces. The company is built on the Gotianun tradition of integrity, quality and service.