‘Under threat’ elected gov’t officials rise to 16

By Jennifer P. Rendon

A risk evaluation conducted by the Police Regional Office (PRO) 6 indicated that 16 elected government officials (EGOs) in Western Visayas have threats on their lives.

But the number could still change, according to PRO-6 director Brigadier General Leo Francisco, PRO-6 director.

“Coordination talks are still going on. The 16 are just based on the statements made by elected government officials that were already reached out to by the local police,” he said.

Two of the 16 EGOs are congressmen while fourteen are mayors.

All over the region, the police have to initially coordinate with 170 “priority” EGOs – six governors, 6 vice governors, 25 members of the House of Representatives, and 133 mayors.

As of March, 16, the local police have already coordinated with 167 of them while coordination is ongoing for the three others.

The threat assessment will also cover town and city councilors, board members, and even barangay officials.

That’s why police have to conduct a risk evaluation on 37,887 EGOs all over the region.

These include:

* Congressmen/Representative – 25;

* Governor and Vice Governor – 12;

* Board Members – 60;

* City Mayors and Vice Mayors; 32;

* City Councilors – 164;

* Barangay chairpersons – 600;

* Barangay Councilors – 4,192;

* Municipal Mayors and Vice Mayors – 234;

* Municipal Councilors – 934;

* Barangay Chairpersons – 3,450;

* Barangay Councilors – 24,142; and

* SK officials – 4,042.

Based on the latest PRO-6 records, 12,627 or 33.33 percent of all EGOs have been evaluated.

Coordination is still going, Francisco added.

The region’s top cop earlier said that the Regional Intelligence Division (RID) will conduct threat validation and assessment on the side of LCEs.

Pending the result of the threat assessment by the RID, “we are providing security on a case-to-case basis,” he said.

By case-to-case basis, some will be given security if they’re going on official functions.

“Pero meron din ayaw ng may security,” ne said.

Once their threats are validated, permanent security detail will be provided to them.

In verifying the threat level, Francisco earlier said that they have pre-determined guidelines and criteria.

“Once the assessment is done, we will pass it to the PSPG (Police Security and Protection Group) and the PNP chief will approve it,” he said.

But a PNP regional director has also the authority to grant police security for those who have “valid threat security threats” for a certain period of time.

Those that are under threat could be given a maximum of two police security detail.

The PSPG is a PNP unit that secures and protects elected and appointed national government officials; members of the diplomatic corps and visiting foreign dignitaries; delegates and/or participants during special events, private individuals authorized to be given protection, and vital government installations.

The threat assessment is an offshoot of the assassination of Negros Oriental Gov. Roel Degamo two weeks ago.


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