Turkey, Syria and the Filipino Heart

By Reni M. Valenzuela

No person or nation is too poor to be unable to help others in times of great need.

It is refreshing that our government immediately sent help to Turkey and Syria as both nations were jolted by 7.8 magnitude temblor, notwithstanding our own nation being battered by problems/issues left and right like never before – from onion, inflation, corruption to China invasion. Proverbs 11:25.

Do we often/usually do this as a country? Nope. What is common is our nation being a recipient of compassion and all types help and assistance from other governments when natural calamities and catastrophes hit our land.

President Bongbong Marcos was prompt in his action as he appears genuine, having a heart for the victims of the massive earthquake that caused and tallied 12,000 confirmed deaths as of this writing. BBM is showing some signs that he’s different from most of his predecessors in this aspect and in some other areas that he can be lauded (thus far), much less in his seemingly openness/receptivity to criticisms.