Town suspends sports activities amid rising Covid-19 cases

The local government unit (LGU) of San Joaquin, Iloilo has suspended sports activities in the municipality amid rising cases of Covid-19.

Mayor Ninfa Garin issued a memorandum on July 22, 2022 addressed to all barangay and Sangguniang Kabataan (SK), municipal officials, and sports teams ordering the suspension of sports activities in the municipality.

While sports activities like basketball and volleyball have been permitted by the LGU, Garin said that there is a clustering of Covid-19 cases in the town. Hence, there is a need to implement measures to reduce the chances of Covid-19 infection in the community.

“Recent developments show that there are clustering of COVID-19 cases in the municipality, hence putting the whole populace under threat of contamination. In order to reduce the chances of being infected, all barangay officials, SK, municipal officials, and sports teams are enjoined to temporarily refrain from all forms of sport activities and other social gatherings in the meantime that there are Covid-19 cases in the municipality,” the memorandum said.

Based on data from the Iloilo Provincial Health Office, the town has nine active cases, as of July 25.

The mayor stressed that the temporary suspension of sports activities shall take effect until no clustered cases have been recorded in the town and threats of Covid-19 in the town have eased.

Sports activities like basketball leagues were organized by the barangay and the SK officials in the different barangays in the municipality during the summer break.  (DG)