TMC Iloilo embraces ‘new normal’

COMMUNITIES were locked down, borders were closed, and people were asked to stay at home. Undeniably, the recent pandemic has changed the way people live anywhere in the world.

As the world enters a situation after this crisis, people are also asked to adapt to the “new normal” where everyone’s safety and health should be on top priority.

“Adapting to the new normal also means taking necessary precautionary measures on one’s health, especially that the newly ended Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) has somehow affected people’s lifestyle,” TMC Iloilo CEO Dr. Felix Ray Villa said citing inactivity and sedentary lifestyle as triggers of serious health problems.

“It is still best to consult your doctor early before what you feel becomes worst. You should never compromise your health, especially during this time. Don’t be hesitant to go on outpatient consultation if there is a need. If you feel anything not normal, take actions immediately. We always have to be proactive when it comes to health”, he advised.

With the “new normal”, physical distancing, wearing face masks, frequent sanitation, proper handwashing, and avoidance of gatherings will be part of the people’s daily routine.

Moreover, meetings, work, and transactions requiring face-to-face contact are also seen to be affected by this new kind of normalcy as everyone in the community aims to flatten the curve.

Establishments such as malls and restaurants are also expected to have a new set of guidelines which include strict observance of safety protocols and limitations on the number of customers.

From the perspective of the medical industry, TMC Iloilo has adopted an innovative Split Approach Strategy to ensure the safety of both patients and employees.

Through the Split Approach Strategy, TMC Iloilo remains to be a safe zone for all patients coming in for admission or outpatient consultations.

TMC Iloilo’s Split Approach Strategy includes splitting the Emergency Department into two – Red Zone for patients with respiratory symptoms and Green Zone for patients who don’t have respiratory symptoms – with separate entrances and exits; having a Pre-Screening Area and Triaging; separate elevators for Red Zone and Green Zone patients; and dedicated trained medical team and floor for COVID patients.

“Our commitment of patient partnership to everyone didn’t change despite the challenges we have faced because of this pandemic. It made us keener in implementing various measures to ensure the health and safety of our patient partners,” TMC Iloilo Chief Medical Officer Dr. Debbie Noblezada-Uy noted.

“As we adapt to the new normal, we also look forward to the cooperation of everyone as we make health on top of our priority. We assure everyone that TMC Iloilo will continue to provide safe and quality healthcare services”, she added.



TMC Iloilo is one of the five local hospitals of The Medical City brand. Its other hospitals are located in Ortigas, Clark, South Luzon, and Pangasinan.

Entered Iloilo in 2009, it is the first hospital in Iloilo City to introduce “Patient Partnership” service philosophy, a value of care that focuses on making every patient a partner in their journey towards wellness.

The Medical City is the largest healthcare network that owns and operates Guam Regional Medical City, the first Filipino-owned hospital in the United States, and an ambulatory Clinic in Dubai.