TIBT YEAR 3 GRAND TRAIL REUNION: Antiqueños mob podium spots in all Categories

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By: Cara Uy

THE TIBT family’s rank increased with this year’s grand trail race-themed “Mountain in Motion: The Trail Reunion.”

The race saw a 40% increase in participants runners – 32 joined the 11-km category, 44 in 21-km, and 28 in the 50-km category. The trail warriors came from all over the region and across the country to race with each other on June 1-2, 2019 in Laua-an, Antique.

Larry Apolinario, an Iraynon, now holds the course record of 6:53:30 for the new 50-km route. RJ Ello (7:01:32) is in close second. It was a tight race between the two until Apolinario broke away after the Bo. Capnayan Aid Station (AS).

Ariel Tagon (09:09:10) of San Jose, Antique, a member of the Antique Mountaineering Society, Inc., landed on third place.

Female 50Km contenders, meanwhile, finished in close time gaps. Cheche Magramo, a seasoned Ultra Panay Runner, Multisports Athlete, and a Spartan Beast from Iloilo City emerged victorious after clocking 13:06:56, ahead of Jenny Gelvero of Negros (13:59:30).

Meanwhile, Cara Uy, a Talahib Eco Trekkers, Inc. mountaineer from Iloilo, landed on third place after finishing the course in 14:07:06.

The race was more than just a competition as it also featured the beauty of Antique and trail racing.

TIBT, the 1st community-oriented mountain race in Panay, also aimed to support and unleash the potential of local athletes, especially those from the hinterlands, and to develop a team that is not only ready to compete for regional, national or international elite fit but is sports ambassadors of their community.

TIBT would not be made possible without the benevolent major sponsors of this race event as follows:

  • Vitargo Philippines through JB Serrano and Roshena Serra
  • Asia Brewery-through Camille Zamora and Jude Dalumpines/ESP Bistro 2.0
  • Calawag Mountain Resort- Owner: Flord Nicson Calawag
  • Dive n Drone- through Raprap Dorilag,
  • Esprutingkle Group of Companies
  • Globe
  • 22K Purified Drinking Water through Paulino Fano
  • Idealist Co-Working Space and Moshpit Magbanua Productions
  • Daily Guardian, official print media partner
  • D and R Printing Shop
  • Iloilo Trophy Factory
  • Doc Samaritan
  • Mindanao Mountaineering Community and Mountaineering Federation of Southern Mindanao
  • Sir Dan Bacus
  • NMCI, Sir Don Alipoon, and company


TIBT’s partner organizations:

  • Talahib Eco Trekkers, Inc. headed by Limuel Lajo
  • Antique Mountaineering Society, Inc. led by Paulino Fano
  • Mountain Stride


TIBT locals and LGUs:

Municipal Mayors of Laua-an and Bugasong; Brgy. Captain Jose Claudio Alonsagay and the 19 other Barangay Captains, Kagawads, Tanods and the Iraynon-Bukidnon Community for the warm accommodation and hospitality; and to MDRRMO Laua-an headed by Arjun Garcinela, MDRRMO Bugasong, PNP Laua-an, PNP Bugasong, BFP Laua-an, BFP Bugasong, Rescue Bugasong, KABALIKAT CIVICOM for the efficient service rendered to secure the perimeter of the locale, to ensure our participant runners were safe and free of injury and to conduct a peaceful race. (Photos Courtesy of Yana Dy, Simon Peter Jandinero, Jeezus Navalta, Hans Abarientos, Reyn Tancio, and John Stanley Abayon)