TAHONG ANYONE?: Town gives away mussels for free

By Dolly Yasa

BACOLOD City – Mayor Jilson Tubillara of San Enrique, Negros Occidental on Tuesday called on those who want mussels, or locally known as tahong, that they can have it for free from their town.

This, after tons of mussels were washed ashore for two days since Monday.

“This is goodness of the Lord’s blessings from heaven,” Tubillara said.

The mussels washed ashore because of the low-pressure area that caused big waves and churned the seabed.

Tubillara said anyone can get all the mussels they want on their own or they can tap the services of the locals in hauling the mussels for P30 per sack.

The mayor also said this is the first time that such a phenomenon happened in the town.

Errol Gatumbato, a noted biodiversity conservationist, said that if it’s true that the mussels were washed ashore by the waves, it means that the seawater is clean and a good indication of the province’s wetland conservation efforts.

The province’s wetland stretches from Bago City to Ilog in southern Negros.

But Gatumbato he also said if it is caused by pollution, then these must be scientifically tested to determine the real cause.