Stories by Qapwa: Cat Girl

When I was 11 years old, a cat suddenly followed me on my way home. Everywhere I go he was following around. I decided to adopt him and called him Shane after Shane Filan of the Westlife boyband. That was where it all began.

Since then I took care of more than 100 cats and 4 dogs. I have 17 cats in our home right now. I remember each of their stories because all of them were rescued from schools, parks, and dumpsites. They are my biggest inspiration and I became more human because of them. Every time I send them away or lose them, I usually shed tears because all of them are so special.

It is my dream to build a proper shelter for them. Complete with the facilities they need and a veterinarian. I even joined the lottery once, hoping to win and make this dream happen! Despite the difficulties, I will continue rescuing cats and I hope that more people will do the same. There are a lot of animals that need a home, food and a family. We should fight cruelty against animals. They deserve to live and be happy, just like us. I believe that a good follower of Allah loves and respects all His creations.