SRA appointee asked to resign out of delicadeza

Sugar Regulatory Administration board member Aurelio Gerardo “Bodie” Valderrama (left) takes his oath before Bacolod City Mayor Albee Benitez on August 7, 2022. (Photo courtesy of Archie Alipalo)

By Dolly Yasa

BACOLOD City- Negros Occidental Vice Governor Jeffrey Ferrer on Wednesday asked newly- appointed Sugar Regulatory Administration (SRA) board of directors’ member Aurelio Gerardo “Bodie” Valderrama to resign from his post out of delicadeza.

Ferrer, who was recently appointed by President Ferdinand Marcos Jr., as his Personal Adviser for Western Visayas, said that “if Valderrama still holds even an iota of delicadeza, he better resign from his post.”

The vice governor made the statement after he was allegedly provoked by Valderrama whose appointment he (Ferrer) has earlier welcomed.

Ferrer said Valderrama is a known hardcore Leni Robredo supporter and a frontline campaigner and has lambasted President Marcos Jr. during the campaign period.

Ferrer said he was furnished a Viber message where Valderrama said he was surprised with the appointment “because we were for Leni.”

In the Viber message, Valderrama further claimed that “BBM lobby group headed by the vice governor are trying to have the appointment revoke (sic).”

The message further ended with a statement “ha ha slap in the face.”

Ferrer said he has been quiet about the appointment as he respected the decision of the President.

He reiterated that he will protect the President on Valderrama’s appointment.

“As a loyal supporter, leader, friend, and the President’s Personal Adviser, I will protect him especially in choosing the right leader for the sugar industry who are truly deserving of the President’s appointment.”

Ferrer, who headed the President’s campaign in the province, said he was bombarded by messages and calls from BBM supporters expressing concern on the appointment of Valderrama.

He said, “I am here to Protect BBM and the BBM supporters in Negros whose sentiment is likewise paramount on this matter. A good and healthy working relationship with the President is crucial not just based on the qualification and experience that he has as a sugar planter.”

Ferrer said will never forget Valderrama’s foul words against him citing his text message that reached him and against the President during the campaign period.

His text message will speak for itself and there is no amount of denial that can expunge it.

“I have a copy of his text message, which a sound proof that he and his group has said nasty words against me. Admittedly, it has provoked me,” the vice governor said.

He asked Valderrama that “if you have time now, be gentleman enough.”

“Step down from the post for the sake of delicadeza. You don’t deserve to be in that position. Show some respect to the President and to yourself,” Ferrer said.

Meanwhile, Valderrama said some quarters are questioning his appointment and are seeking its revocation.

“That is not a problem to me; I am not indispensable, nor do I covet the position. I will not turn my back on the chance to serve the industry, but I do not wish to burden the President if this has become a problem for him. There is no need for debate or recrimination. I am at the President’s disposal,” Velderrama said.

He added that “In this light, I ask our industry stakeholders – regardless of affiliation – to work as one for our common good. My only wish as Planter’s representative is to serve as your voice and your bridge to the SRA and the policy makers. If the President finds it appropriate to enlist someone else, let us respect his prerogative and wish them success.”