Sports office mulls lights at Iloilo Skatepark

By: Leobert Julian A. de la Peña

ILOILO CIty Executive Assistant for sports Rudiver Jungco is planning to install lights at the Iloilo Skatepark at the Esplanade area.

In an interview, Jungco said “there are no lights in the Skatepark. It’s too dark when nighttime comes and it’s dangerous to skate without lights.”

Due to tight budget, Jungco already suggested a remedy to the City Engineer’s Office.

“After the upcoming Charter day events, hopefully, if there are spare lights not used or lights that are excess, we can place them at the Skatepark,” he added.

Jungco estimated that 4 to 8 halogen lights or 15 incandescent bulbs will be needed at the skatepark in order to provide proper illumination to the area.