Some people never learn

By Joshua Corcuera

Some people never learn. The reason? I do not know really; probably there are various factors at play, or it is innately who they are.

In school or in the workplace, we sometimes make mistakes, albeit trivial ones. For instance, we might be untidy or messy with our office space and, as a result, misplace important documents which then affects our job performance, delays promotion, and prevents us from receiving our bonus. But despite these adverse consequences, some remain messy and unorganized with their office work and the cycle will go on. Implicitly, they accept the negative effects of their habits which they could change for the better to preclude such negative effects. Yet, some people never learn. Why? I have no idea.

In school, some people do escape from classes or cheat in crucial examinations only to be found and punished. Yet, those students seem not to learn as they continue to do such wrong activities despite fearing the consequences of their wrong acts. It seems that they have not learned anything from their experience. Why? I have no idea.


In the 21st century, this fast-paced world has vastly changed our way of life. In the cities and urban areas, people tend to be more individualistic compared to those in the countryside where collectivism still remains supreme. Skepticism of other people is common in heavily populated areas and help is rarely found. Remain helpful anyway.

In the 21st century, technology has peaked and altered the way we interact with other people. We can chat with others through our fingertips, read the news with our phones, and watch with its screen. But with the promises of great technology comes great risks. Misinformation and fake news are ubiquitous and spread like wildlife in social media, and many people believe in such. Many also intend to spread such false information for their own benefit, even at the expense of others. Remain truthful anyway.

In the 21st century, despair dominates society, especially the least, the lost, and the last. Social issues are everywhere—poverty, inequality, corruption, abuse of power, and so on and so forth. Remain hopeful anyway.

Hope dwindles, but never dies

In life, one has to deal with ups and downs. Life was not, is not, and will never be a straight path, it will never be a smooth path. It is inevitable that, at certain times, we have to suffer from defeat, deal with struggles, and feel hopeless or be covered in despair. It may be true that there are times where hope is non-existent, but in reality, it merely dwindles for a period of time. Hope always exists, it will never die, it will always be there for those in despair.