SGV report in the Yanson feud -3

By: Modesto P. Sa-onoy

BEFORE we discuss the data that I have collected, anybody with contradictory or corroborative information is welcome to send their own data provided they identify themselves. They can ask for anonymity if I used their data.  We are here to seek the truth, and nobody has a monopoly on the truth. Many of the data I will use had come out in the news and some given in private, some verbally, others documented.

If the Yanson family is talking sideways, let’s attempt to clear the brambles. I can understand their method because despite their differences fought publicly, they are still of the same flesh and blood and more importantly of the same religious belief that gives premium to humility and forgiveness. I believe that when things are cleared before the public and the issues are no longer manipulated for the public’s curiosities, they will simmer down. Time is the best healer for those who wish to be healed and truth frees those who are humble and wish only the greater good.

The charges and countercharges on the allegedly missing P380 million from the coffers of the Vallacar Transit Inc, blame members of the Yanson family, at least, of responsibility. This gave the impression that one of them pocketed the money. Which one?

The SGV audit report already said Celina Yanson is not directly responsible to which the lawyer of her accuser belittled the SGV conclusion and implied that a person who is indirectly involved is also responsible. That includes his client.

The information regarding the mess in the MPO came from the national newspaper when the VTI sued its cashier, Rowena Sarano, who “allegedly disbursed a number of checks amounting to at least P27 million to suspicious beneficiaries.” Then there are court records. The Yansons supported this suit. The family feud implies, however, that Sarona has collaborators. She could not have done this alone.

Indeed, she cannot be alone. The search is for P380M and she is charged with disbursing only P27M. Who opened the gates to the treasury?

The Bacolod head office discovered the anomaly. This means the responsibility is in MPO and not Bacolod where Celina held office. This supports the report that it was Celina who called for the investigation of MPO in 2018. Why didn’t Rey, who had the direct authority over MPO, act quickly when he should be the most concerned?

The charge sheet against Sarona contains vital information to answer some questions. She left a trail of directly and indirectly culpable people within the company and perhaps even the collaboration of outside personalities.

I had discussed some details of the alleged fraud in MPO and the termination of the headman there, Rey Repollo whose closeness to Olivia Yanson triggered her wrath and caused the present mess in the company. It led to a string of events that left a bad taste in the mouth that can only be removed if we found the plausible and credible facts in this mess.

A mess indeed is this conflict. It reminds me of a text message I received last week. I find it appropriate for the family, particularly to Olivia whose wrath at the children had caused a ripple of unexpected events of recriminations and more anger. It says: Anger is the punishment we inflict on ourselves for the mistakes of others.

Indeed, anger is the main stumbling block in the reconciliation of the Yanson family. It has already affected three generations of the family. Unless this anger is reversed, the tele-Ceres will continue.

Now back to our topic. Note that the amount for which Sarona is accused is P27 million. It is too far from the P380 million bruited about as missing or unaccounted. What happened to the P353 million balance? This large amount of money cannot simply disappear and go unnoticed for over a year when there are annual audits of the company’s financial records. How could this huge amount escape the notice of the auditors?

Who got the rest? Were they the “suspicious beneficiaries” or even “legitimate” disbursements that had not been accounted for in the books?

It seems then that Sarona is only the tip of this issue and sadly the family members are bashing each other in public. So, the question lingers – who has it?

To be continued on Monday.