Save the Children PHL taps first Child Ambassador

Photos by: LJ Pasion

MANILA – Save the Children Philippines welcomes child actress Xia Vigor as the First Child Ambassador who will help in promoting children’s rights to grow up healthy, educated, and protected from all harm.

Xia, 10, who stars in the upcoming movie “Miracle in Cell no.7,” an entry in the Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF), said she is determined to bring positive change for every child. She also aims to inspire children, especially in marginalized situations to never give up their dreams.

Xia assists a child to eat his meal.

As her first activity, Xia led a feeding program for children in a community in Navotas City. Save the Children Philippines implements Project NURTURE (Nutrition among Urban Poor Through Unified Response) to reduce the number of deaths of children under 5 years old in identified areas in Navotas City by implementing a nutrition-specific intervention focusing on the first 1,000 days of life.

“Whenever I meet other children, I always tell them to work hard to attain their dreams. I hope I can help them make those dreams become a reality with my new role as a Save the Children Child Ambassador,” said Xia Vigor during her visit to Save the Children Philippines office in Quezon City.

Xia serves meals to children during the feeding program of Save the Children in Navotas.

Xia learned the importance of sharing her blessings at age 6 when she started joining her mother in outreach activities in the Mindoro provinces to distribute slippers and school supplies to children of Mangyan families.

She was moved to see young children go to school barefoot and without school supplies. Xia has also been active in campaigning for environmental protection and has joined tree planting and coastal clean-up activities.

Atty. Alberto Muyot, Chief Executive Officer of Save the Children Philippines said Xia fits the role of Child Ambassador because she is very smart, articulate, and has the empathy to children living in deprived situations.

Reading a story to children in Navotas.

“Children around the world are speaking of their rights, and Save the Children supports the realization of their right to be listened to, by providing a platform so they can speak up on matters that affect them,” said Muyot.

Xia will take important roles in the launch of key global moments of Save the Children and help amplify the call for respect and fulfillment of children’s rights and for the end to all forms of violence against children in the home, school and community settings.

Xia talks to the mother a girl with cerebral palsy.

She will also be active in fundraising activities during humanitarian response to help Save the Children bring life-saving emergency kits to children and their families affected by natural calamities, disasters, armed conflict and other emergencies.

Xia is an environmental advocate who has participated in tree planting activities. She once aspired to become a weightlifter and set up her own beauty salon.

The child actress now sets her eyes on becoming an advocate for children’s rights.