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Road paved to connect barangays in central Iloilo town

Road paved to connect barangays in central Iloilo town

Moving from one barangay to another in San Miguel town in central Iloilo is easier with the concrete road constructed by the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH), undertaken by Iloilo 4th District Engineering Office.

As reported by District Engineer (DE) Mario G. Soriano, Regional Director (RD) Nerie D. Bueno said the paved road connects Sitio Lanag in Barangay Sta. Cruz and Sitio Pinamuna in Barangay Consolacion, and other communities in the upland areas.

“This concrete road provides convenient access among the people in the remote areas as well as easier and faster delivery of products from farms to the market, as well as for local trade between the two communities,” Regional Director Nerie D. Bueno said.

“Farming and other agricultural activities are the main sources of income of the people in these barangays, thus, the construction of better road is significantly beneficial among our farmers and agricultural producers,” RD Bueno stressed.

District Engineer Mario G. Soriano said farmers and residents used to spend longer time reaching the market since the existing earth road was muddy when wet and dusty when dry, making transportation inconvenient and costly.

“With this concrete road, they can now easily deliver their products to the market at a lower hauling cost, bringing more income for the needs of their families,” DE Soriano said.

“The paved road also facilitates easy access for basic social, health, education and other government services in order to reach even the remote areas in the town. This also makes a vital contribution to economic development and growth, and improved quality of life of the people in local areas,” Soriano added.

This P30.38-million project includes construction of 3.05-kilometer Portland Concrete Cement Pavement (PCCP) road with stone masonry. Necessary road signs and markings are installed for safety of motorists, pedestrians and the people in the community. (DPWH6)