Race car legend Jessi Combs dies in crash

Jessi Combs died in an attempt to break her own speed record (Photo courtesy of Fox Sports)

By: Leobert Julian A. de la Peña

Considered the “fastest woman on 4 wheels”, Jessica Combs was killed in a car accident while attempting to break her own record.

Way back 2013, Combs got her title as the “fastest woman” when she burst for a 398 miles (641 kilometers) per hour speed.

Officers in the northwestern US state of Oregon said that Combs’ jet car crashed in the Alvord Desert where she was declared dead at the scene.

With her attempt to break her previous record, she eventually succeeded, reaching a 483 miles per hour speed, according to industry media.

The drive to do it wasn’t only due to her desire of breaking her own record, but also to break Kitty O’Neil’s 1976 “fastest woman in the world.” O’Neil’s crazy record of 512 miles per hour speed was set on a three-wheel vehicle also in Alvord Desert.

Aside from being a world-renowned race car legend, Combs also appeared on different US Television shows.

She appeared in Mythbusters, Overhaulin, and All Girls Garage.