Quiet Joy: a Two- Person Art Exhibition at UPV LT

Artworks by Cynthia Ticao and Joachim Isaac “Akim” Abello are currently on view at the lobby of the Little Theater of the UP Visayas Iloilo City campus in an exhibit titled Quiet Joy.

Ticao who used to teach Psychology in UPV, in retirement, has created hundreds of postcard sized water color paintings of flowers. Abello who studied at the UPV Balay Balay Child Minding Center and began taking art lessons only recently has done figurative oil pastel drawings in bold colors.

Ticao’s tentative brush strokes guided by intuition have produced delicate floral compositions. Abello’s contrapuntal color combinations have resulted in strikingly stark pictures.

Writer and UPV alumna Doray Espinosa wrote on the exhibition notes that the show “features Cynthia’s and Akim’s fledgling explorations and expressions of their being. Being, as a current intellectual, psychological, emotional, spiritual, or physical state. Being, as an affirmation or assertion of sentient, purposeful existence.”

Quiet Joy is presented by the Office of Initiatives in Culture and the Arts (OICA) and curated by Martin Genodepa.

Visit UPV OICA’s Facebook page for the digital version of Quiet Joy and for an art lesson/module based on the show.

Actual visit may be done but in limited number until September 15. Face masks and face shields are required. Community quarantine guidelines apply.

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