PSA holds lecture on Barangay Civil Registration System

Statistical Specialist II Jean Lito N. Esapol discusses the concepts on filling out BCRS Forms to the Barangay Secretaries and Barangay Service Point Officers. (PSA-Iloilo)

Statistical Specialist II Jean Lito N. Esapol of the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) was the resource speaker during the Training on Barangay Civil Registration System (BCRS) hosted by the Office of the Local Civil Registrar of the Municipality of Guimbal, Iloilo on November 5, 2019 at the Annex Building of Guimbal Municipal Hall.

The primary objective of the lecture is to bring about complete coverage of registration to every member of all families and households of the said municipality.

Barangay Secretaries, who served as focal persons for the activity, together with the Barangay Service Point Officers (BSPOs) attended the training. They were given an orientation on specific functions, duties and responsibilities as stipulated and mandated under the law.

They were also trained on how to fill out various BCRS Forms to enhance their knowledge and skills in data gathering. This activity was also done in order to provide them with techniques, strategies in data collection and to have uniformity of concepts to be followed in accomplishing BCRS Forms.

Percylette Quidato of Municipal Civil Registrar expressed her gratitude to PSA for supporting the endeavour of the office of the Municipal Civil Registrar. The training was very successful with the full support of the local government.

It has been observed through the years that the participants have endeavoured to implement such programs in order to develop their knowledge in their civil registry system and bring the civil registration services to barangays through BCRS where the officials take active roles in monitoring vital events and facilitating subsequent registration