Prometheus, the first and only full-service marketing agency and public relations firm based in Western Visayas celebrated their third anniversary in an intimate dinner attended by employees, and family. Lcid Crescent Fernandez, CEO of Prometheus, dedicated the anniversary to the 30-strong team: “We give the people who have been part of this journey their flowers. We appreciate them for all they they’ve done with us, for all the worlds we have created together.”

The dinner comes a month after Prometheus’ Open House Showcase where it announced the launching of 2 more subsidiaries, WARP the software solutions company, and the Promises Wedding Studio.

Through the anniversary dinner, the entire team glammed up and indulged in a retrospection. There are lessons highlighted from the past and for Prometheus it comes down to two things. First, dream big! It was from a dream that Prometheus started. The simple dream of a person resonated until 3 people made it come true by turning them into goals and actionable strategies. Second, believe in your dreams passionately! When passion is inculcated, resilience and perseverance comes in – and the power of all these things combined brought the company to where it is right now.  It was a night made both for a trip down the memory lane and a preparation for what awaits ahead.

With its never-ending quest of growth and innovation, Prometheus, in its 3rd year of operation is primed to continue paving the way for excellence. Prometheus is ready to make history and keep setting the bar higher for the marketing industry.

As Prometheus sets out towards new frontiers, the company holds true to its conviction that to prosper in the long-term, it must create value for its clients, the community where it operates, and wider society. It’s a conviction that sets them apart.

In Lcid’s words, “Here’s to everything we’ve done, but more so, to everything we’re about to do.”

From a team of 3 to a team of 30, Prometheus continues to be limitless!