PRO-6 cops get promotion

The newly promoted men and women of Police Regional Office 6 during oath-taking and pinning of ranks at Camp Delgado. (Photo by PSSg de Pedro/RPIO/PRO-6)

1,190 Police Commissioned Officers (PCO) and Police Non-Commissioned Police Officers (PNCO) of Police Regional Office (PRO)-6 were promoted to the next higher rank Monday at Camp Delgado, Iloilo City.

Police Regional Office 6 Chief of Regional Staff, Police Colonel Marlon A Tayaba administered the oath-taking and at the same time led the pinning of rank insignias of the newly promoted police officers of Western Visayas.

“I express my heartfelt congratulations to the newly promoted police officers in the region, our rank is not just a decorations, our rank symbolizes responsibilities, the higher you go up the ladder the higher the responsibilities,” Tayaba said.

The newly promoted police officers included 43 PCOs and 1,147 PNCOs.

The 43 PCOs are 25 Police Lieutenant Colonels, 5 Police Majors and 13 Police Captains.

The 1147 PNCOs inlcude 231 Police Executive Master Sergeant, 148 Police Chief Master Sergeant, 72 Police Staff Master Sergeant, 100 Police Master Sergeant, 440 Police Staff Sergeant and 156 Police Corporal.

The pinning and donning of ranks were attended by the families of the newly promoted officers.