Private construction projects in Guimaras up by 8.02 percent

The 256 total private constructions of Guimaras in 2021 were 8.02 percent higher from 237 constructions in 2020, based on statistics from the approved building permits gathered by the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA).

“In 2021, the non-residential type of construction posted at 134 buildings got the highest among the construction types,” Provincial Statistics Officer Nelida B. Losare said.

“Next is the residential type of constructions which recorded at 118 buildings, and the least number was seen in the alteration and repair with 4 structures, while the Addition type got no record in 2021,” Losare added.

The same trends were noted in 2020 and 2019, wherein the Non-Residential construction got the highest number with 132 and 105 structures, respectively. (See Table 1)

“The residential type of construction followed with 91 recorded buildings in 2020 and 94 structures in 2019, and alteration and repair still showed the least with 12 buildings in 2020 and 4 structures in 2019”, Losare said.

“However, Addition type of constructions posted two (2) buildings in 2020 while zero structures in 2019,” Losare added.

Based on construction statistics for the past three years, Non-residential showed an increasing trend, while the residential, alteration and repair, and addition constructions presented erratic movements. (See Table 1)

Data also revealed that among the recorded construction in 2021, residential construction got the highest increment at 29.67 percent, followed by the non-residential with 1.52 percent, while Alteration and Repair dropped by 66.67 percent in 2021 after the tri-folds increment in 2020. (See Table 1)

“Aside from the construction data of Guimaras mentioned above, Street furniture/ Landscaping/ Signboards were also issued construction permits by the LGUs and monitored by the PSA, wherein for the past three (3) years, statistics showed that there were 1, 6, and 5 structure/s were registered in 2019, 2020, and 2021 respectively,” Losare said. (See Table 2)

In terms of construction value in 2021, Guimaras noted a total price of 476,881 thousand with 48,639 square meters (s.q.m).

“Of the total constructions’ value, the non-residential got the highest price at Php345.9 million with a floor area of 33,271 sq.m. followed by the residential valued at Php130.7 million with a floor area of 15,368 sq.m., and the Alteration and Repair got the least valued at Php328 thousand ”, Losare said.

Losare also explained that Residential constructions include the Single, Duplex/ Quadruplex, Apartment/Accessoria, Residential Condominium, and Other Residential structures.

Non-Residential constructions include Commercial, Industrial, Institutional, Agricultural, and Other Non-Residential buildings. (See Table 3)

“For the past three (3) years, most of the residential constructions were Single type, while, in non-residential, majority of structures was the commercial type,” Losare said.

In 2021, the majority of the residential constructions were the single-type with 144 structures, followed by Duplex/Quadruplex and Apartment/ Accessoria with two (2) recorded buildings each, while no Residential Condominium and Other Residential constructions were recorded.

Losare also elaborated that in Non-residential, most of the constructions were Commercial type with 92 structures, followed by institutional with 29 buildings. The lowest was from Other Non-Residential with five (5) and Industrial and Agricultural with four (4) constructions each. (See Table 3)

“In 2020, most Residential constructions were Single with 88 structures, followed by Apartment/ Accessoria type with two (2) structures, and Other Residential construction with one (1) building. No Duplex/ Quadruplex and Residential Condominium recorded”, Losare said.

“Most of the Non-Residential buildings in 2020 consist of 66 Commercial, 52 Institutional, six (6) each in Industrial and Other Non-Residential, and two (2) from Agricultural”, Losare added.

In 2019, most of the Residential came from Single constructions with 91 structures, followed by the two (2) buildings recorded in Apartment/Accessoria and one (1) from other residential construction. No Duplex/ Quadruplex and Residential Condominium recorded.

“Likewise, in the Non-Residential type, the majority of constructions were Commercial with 55 structures, followed by Institutional with 45 buildings, three (3) structures under Other
Non-Residential and two (2) classified as Industrial type”, Losare said. (See Table 3)