Printing machine wins DOST’s Reg’l invention contest

Dr. Armando R. Reosura from Carlos Hilado Memorial State College in Talisay City, Negros Occidental receives his plaque and cash prize amounting to fifty thousand pesos for his winning invention “A Printing Machine”

“A PRINTING MACHINE” invented by Armando R. Reosura from Carlos Hilado Memorial State College in Talisay City, Negros Occidental won the biennial Department of Science and Technology VI Regional Invention Contest and Exhibit (RICE)held at the Iloilo Convention Center last October 21-25, 2019.

RICE aims to promote the creativity and ingenuity of the inventors in the region with the DOST- Technology Application and Promotion Institute (DOST-TAPI) is tasked to implement Republic Act No. 7459, otherwise known as “Inventors and Invention Incentives Act of the Philippines”, which provides assistance to inventors since the promulgation of the Act in 1992. In carrying out the incentives of the Act, the law expanded the function of the Institute without provisions for additional manpower and for program administration. This law has entailed additional costs on the part of the Institute and substantially increased the workload of the staff.


The winning invention was purposely made for printing a desired pattern on substrates using silkscreen process comprising a rectangular support frame having plurality of legs, and a plurality of printing stations being adjacently disposed on top of said frame.

In an interview, DrReosura said that his invention is different as compared to other printing machines as it is user friendly and cheaper.

“First advantage is that it is literally user-friendly. For starters in the screen-printing business, quality print output is a challenge. If you work solo, you need to be adept in handling the screen printing frames. Lack of this skill will result to poor or messy prints. The same issue will result if you find workers who are also beginners. Professionals, or experienced screen printers has acquired techniques which were harnessed by years of experience to be adept with handling their screen printing frames. Some employ some innovative remedies too but still requires steep learning curve.”, Dr. Reosura said when asked on how the invention is different and unique.


“Second advantage is that the operating cost becomes cheaper. Since there are two frames used, which I mentioned earlier, comprising the sturdier one, and the regular printing frame, the cost of preparing “plates” or stencils become cheaper. In most printing shops, practitioners use wooden frames not smaller than one inch by two inches lumber for each of their frames. For most, this is to avoid “warping” of frames which causes distortion on the print results. In my alternative printing machine, the printer can use a cheaper one inch by one-inch lumber for the printing frames which eventually becomes sturdy when locked within the registration frame of the machine.  Before, a one inch by one-inch lumber is only for the student grade printing job. But not anymore for the present invention.’, the inventor explained.


The inventor also recommended his printing machine for those who want to start a screen-printing business.


“It is a kick-starter for beginners and professionals. It is user- friendly for the untrained and very productive for the advanced screen printers. I can customize the design for the need of the user. Another advantage of this alternative printing machine is it provision for easy upgrade to more addition of platens which facilitates accommodation of bulk shirt printing jobs.”, Dr. Reosura further explained.

Meanwhile, the 2019 RICE also awarded other winners for other categories.

Here is the complete list of the contest in different categories:

TUKLAS Award (Invention)

  • Regional Winner

Patent No.:                              1-2011-000020

Title of the Invention:               A Printing Machine

Name of the Inventor/s:          Armando R. Reosura

Address:                                  Talisay, Negros Occidental


Outstanding Utility Model (UM)

  • Regional Winner

Registration No.:                     2-2019-000037

Title of the UM:                       DECORATIVE BOARD

Name of the Maker/s:             Marvin A. Margarito

Address:                                Talisay City, Negros Occidental


LIKHA Award (Creative Research)


  • Regional Winner

Title of the Research                       : CALAMANSI JUICE EXTRACTOR

Name of the Researcher/s : Efren L. Linan; Arlyn C. Olmo, Monalyn L. Oloroso

Address                                 : Burias, Mambusao, Capiz


  • 1st Runner-up


Name of the Researcher/s:   Salvacion J. Legaspi, Mary Ann B. Martelino, Ryan T. Sarimong


  • 2nd Runner-up

Title of the Research:                MOBILE “ LECHON MANOK” GRILLER

Name of the Researcher/s:        Eduardo P. Gubatanga Jr., George Fredrick A. Roxas, Ray L. Arenga

Address:                                    La Paz, Iloilo City


SIBOL Award (Student Creative Research for College)

  • Regional Winner

Title of the Student Research: RFID-BASED SMART POWER      ACCESS SYSTEM

Name of the Researcher/s :Von Kleo Marcuelo, Danddie C. Porras, Exel Jan Javil, Julienne Marie Silvederio, Wilfred Otero Boron, Brian Ray D. Minerva, Kyope Kim Padasay

Name of the Adviser/s:       Engr. Gelvie C. Lagos

Name of the School :         Central Philippine University

School Address:                 Lopez Jaena St., Jaro, Iloilo City


SIBOL Award (Student Creative Research for High School)

  • Regional Winner


Name of the Researcher/s     : Marvince John P. Araneta, Lorraine Joy Z. Bales

Name of the Adviser/s            : Ronilo V. Aponte

Name of the School                : Iloilo National High School

School Address                       : Luna St., La Paz, Iloilo Cit


  • 1st Runner-up


Name of the Researcher/s :Ray Vincent E. Pelayo, Gerardo Rafael N. Tallador

Name of the Adviser/s        :            Ronilo V. Aponte

Name of the School           : Iloilo National High School

School Address                   : Luna St., La Paz, Iloilo City

The winners received cash prizes, plaques and certificates of recognition during the awarding ceremonies last October 23, 2019.

The regional winners will subsequently vie for cash prizes and awards in the 2020 National Invention Contest and Exhibits (NICE) intended to be held as a component of the National Science and Technology Week.


It is expected that this will result in more entries and enhance creativity and inventiveness in the regions.


Remarkably, the celebration is part of the first-ever Iloilo Innovation Expo 2019 which is a week-long event brimming with various activities such as the Iloilo Innovation Summit, ILOILOvation Business Matching and Investment Forum, Iloilo Federation for Information and Technology (IFIT) Job Fair and National ICT Confederation of the Philippines (NICP) ICT Summit, among others.

The Iloilo Innovation Expo aims to showcase the critical role of science, technology, and innovation for the socio-economic development of the region’s different provinces, cities, and municipalities.(JRAGabiota)