Pretenders to patriotism

By Jose Maroma


The President and top government officials should enjoy top priority in the vaccination program.

I can’t understand all these pious declarations of humility and deference to the welfare of the lowly by politicians who claim they should stand far back in line for anti-Covid shots. Why should they? They are our leaders and prime movers of the government machinery and it is the duty of the State to keep them fit for duty. They should be vaccinated first, although I suspect that many, if not most of them, had already received their shots, but no one will admit. If you ask a highly placed official if he was vaccinated, you’ll probably get such cryptic replies as “read my lips”, or “ask me no question, and I’ll tell you no lies.”

This ostentatious posturing of following policy and observing discipline is pure HYPOCRISY and insults common sense. It’s like someone breaking your leg and telling you that the forced bedrest is good for your health. This is a signature song and dance number by the Palace pageboy and apologist, designed to titillate your weary minds. It’s adding insult to injury to a doubting public still smarting from the revulsive story of a top general, a Covid suspect then, jumping a health checkpoint using a helicopter purchased and maintained by taxpayers’ money.

Do you really believe the yarn about VIPs patiently queueing for vaccine jabs? With their enormous resources and influence the gods at our Mount Olympus can always charter a private jet to bring vaccines, land them at Villamor or Subic and deliver them to destined points with military escorts.

Who’s going to intercept them and check if they have permits? Not the Bureau of Customs, not the FDA, not the DEA, no one, nothing, nada. Let’s stop the charade, let’s stop the brainwashing and mind manipulation.

Although the people are hurting, and hurting bad, they have kept their sense of decency. In the midst of frustration and despair Longfellow’s “Psalm of Life” should inspire all citizens not to be “dumb driven cattle, but heroes in the strife.”

The author is a retired civil engineer from Cabatuan, Iloilo. He likes to spend his time reading and writing about the burning issues of the day.