Poligrates scores 67 to break D-league record in points

Eloy Poligrates chipped in 67 massive points to become the record holder for most points in PBA D-league (Photo courtesy of PBA Images)

By: Leobert Julian A. de la Peña

ELOY Poligrates, an ex-PBA player and part of the 2013 draft, made history in the PBA D-league as he scored 67 big points that resulted in a dominating win.

The 67 points carried the Marinerong Pilipino to a comfortable victory, pummeling iWalk 141-97, in the 2019 PBA D-league Foundation Cup.

Poligrates broke James Martinez’s record of 58 points way back August 2016.

With Poligrates’ start in the ball game, already pouring in 15 points in the first frame, his team knew he was in a special zone.

His teammates continued to dish him the ball and created opportunities for him, and sometimes put him in wing isolation positions where he can take advantage of his defender.

The result was more than favorable for Marinero, but also to Poligrates’ career as he went unconscious every time he had the chance to score.

He finished with 11 three-pointers and a bunch of dazzling finishes to the hole.

Poligrates was widely known as a flashy player during his PBA stint, where he would always put on a show with his dribbling display and finishing abilities.

Before entering the D-league, Poligrates played for the Cebu Sharks in the MPBL Lakan Season.