Plot against the Yanson 4 – 2

By: Modesto P. Sa-ono

Before we proceed let me pause for a while to address the question of who is the family member that wrote the article in “The Sleeping Truth?” that I am digressing. As I said earlier, I am not in the position to say who. Let the article speak for itself. This piece could have been written by somebody outside the direct family, a ghostwriter, if you will, but close enough as to be “personally familiar” with what had been happening and what the family members feel.

To loosened tongues the “who” might matter but what is essential is the content, the message and the fact that it already appeared in cyberspace.

In last week’s column on this issue, I asked: who can be the mastermind in this alleged plot to get the Yanson 4 into prison by using money and influence to twist the law and justice by planting evidence? These are serious allegations but there must be some bases for the allegation considering that it was sent into cyberspace. It cannot be ignored.

“The Sleeping Truth” that published these allegations says, “It seems that Ginnette (Yanson) is bent on sending us all to prison and make us experience what she had gone through back then. But she was imprisoned for good reason. She was jailed for her criminal actions.”

It is of record that Ginnette was charged of murder. The writer brings us back to those times. The article claimed, “two men were kidnapped, tortured, and murdered upon her instructions, which made her a criminal mastermind.”

Ginnette was exonerated by the court and was released. However, the writer in “The Sleeping Truth” sees Ginnette’s incarceration differently. “Instead of repenting and changing her ways after her time in prison, she now wants to frame us, her siblings, as well as her nephews and nieces and destroy our lives even if we didn’t do anything wrong. What kind of mentality is that?”

Does the writer imply Ginnette was guilty despite the decision of the court and that the alleged plot of Ginnette is retaliation against her other siblings? Were they not supportive of her then that she is taking revenge on them for what happened to her? Do they know something the public doesn’t?

That is a question we cannot get involved with. When this murder case against Ginnette came out earlier in this same internet account, I decided not to touch it because it had no bearing on the issues about control of the company. Now, the conflict is no longer the control of the company but a conflict within the family with the public interest and legal repercussions.

What is the plan as alleged in “The Sleeping Truth”? the writer continues:

“At this time, we have been told to be ready because these criminal cases can be filed anytime. Ginnette and Leo Rey are said to be using all their connections and paying off so many people in the government just to make sure that the cases they filed against the Yanson 4 will prosper in court. They are finding ways to establish probable cause so that warrants of arrest can be issued against us and some members of the third generation.”

Again, these are serious allegations. So much so that I invite Ginnette and Leo Rey to respond lest their silence be taken as an admission that indeed there is such plot and when it does happen, the public will be already aware of them and can have an immediate suspect. In fact, the duo should now protect the Yanson 4 lest a wayward mind acted for his or her own purposes.

And more lament from the writer: What scheming, manipulative, greedy, and evil siblings we have! I can’t believe sometimes how we came from the same parents and raised in the same home. And the saddest part is that one of my brothers said that he is not willing to leave the country. He is willing to face jail time just to prove his innocence. He said that he is willing to die in jail if that is necessary.

A terrible thought! Will the Yanson 3 be happy with that? Is that the game plan? Eliminate the four?

We continue tomorrow.