IT was a chic evening when the country’s A-listers made their red carpet entrance at the lobby of the plush Marriot Hotel Manila for the gala opening of Rupert Jacinto, internationally acclaimed portrait photographer’s “Faaabvlous 10” gala portrait exhibit and gala fashion show cum awarding of prominent Faaabvlous personalities of the Philippines this year.

This Hollywood “Haute Couture in black, white and Gold” themed flamboyant affair took center stage at the Marriott Grand Ballroom of Marriott Manila.

A cool cocktail selection from Tita Trillo of Titania Wine Cellar, Lina Castillo of Liquid Gold, and Ozeki Sake, with its New York representative Yukimura Sato welcomed everyone where Yuki, a former sushi chef in New York, introduced the Ozeki Sake champagne, the sake with gelatine, to the Faaabvlous ladies as they did photo-ops with the beautiful Rupert Jacinto portraits on display. Ozeki Sake’s CEO and third-generation owner, Kuniko Osabe, together with Yukimura and Liezl Sato, flew in especially for the occasion.

Multi international awardee Ilonggo event organizer and Faaabvlous Man of Distinction Robert Blancaflor created a spectacular work of art on the ballroom with glittering silver trees and chandeliers, with lights hanging on its branches.

Renowned Cebu based Ilongga Darlene Ardena-Go led the Faabvlous Cover ladies as her Rupert Jacinto portrait was specially unveiled right on the center stage to start the dramatic fashion show along with three of her fellow Cover ladies’ portraits.

Another talented and creative Ilonggo, Manila-based jeweler of the royalties Gerry Ereneta Sunga led the awardees who, of course, outdid himself in his glittering bejeweled outfit onstage!

Hosted by the iconic Manila’s high society King Johnny Litton, the fabby night was capped off with the launch of the Faaabvlous theme song, music by National Artist Ryan Cayabyab, arranged by Danny Favis, lyrics by Rupert Jacinto, and sung by Brendon Benares.

Once again my warmest congratulations to our Faaabvlous awardees fellow Ilonggos Darlene Ardena-Go, Robert Blancaflor and of course, dear Gerry Ereneta-Sunga! Cheers!

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