PH ML squad out-maneuvers Vietnam to clinch MLBB SEA title

KarlTzy put on a show in the pivotal game five of their title match against the Vietnamese squad (

By Leobert Julian A. de la Peña


Philippine squad BREN Esports put on a classic performance against the Vietnamese team to nab the first-ever Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Razer Southeast-Asia Invitational championship, 3-2.

The pivotal game five proved to be difficult for the Filipinos in the early part after they were overwhelmed by the aggressive funnel strategy of the Indonesians that enabled them to take map control.

However, KarlTzy, PH’s marksman, was able to farm and regain momentum after a couple of successive red-buff controls that enabled him to register kills time after time.

During the middle part of the match, KarlTzy’s Claude was able to dominate to earn his team some momentum after completing his five-slot items.

After FlapTzy and KarlTzy took down the lord, the clutch marksman then scored an easy maniac kill after bullying and killing Popol and Kupa, Esmeralda, Ling, and Luo Yi.

“Karl took reigns of the team’s rotation to maximize his hero’s farming potential to overpower the map during the mid-game transition. I knew Karl could handle such pressure purely because of his wide tournament experience,” said BREN Esports coach Francis Glindro.

KarlTzy’s full-slotted marksman made easy work of the Vietnamese squad’s heroes, carrying his team to a game five victory and the title.