PEKAF appoints Dr. Gabayoyo as Provincial Director for Guimaras

Dr. Richard Gabayoyo during his oath-taking (Dr. Richard Gabayoyo)

By Leobert Julian A. de la Peña

The Philippine Eskrima Kali Arnis Federation (PEKAF) appointed Dr. Richard Gabayoyo, the West Visayas State University’s sports director, as the PEKAF Provincial Director for Guimaras.

Hundreds of arnisadors flocked to the Iloilo Grand Hotel for the 1st ever PEKAF Western Visayas Conference and Oath Taking to witness Gabayoyo’s appointment.

Aside from Dr. Gabayoyo accepting the vital role as PEKAF Provincial Director for Guimaras, several others were also appointed to the different positions.

Despite the heavy workload and the busy schedule as WVSU’s sports director, Dr. Gabayoyo did not think twice about accepting the responsibility.

A passionate sports enthusiast way back during his scholastic years, Dr. Gabayoyo’ cited his burning passion towards sports as his reason for taking the helm.

Aside from being the Provincial Director, Dr. Gabayoyo is also the president of Darwa Panglima Eskrima Arnis Association, a group of arnisadors here in Western Visayas.

Also, Dr. Gabayoyo was named as National Basketball Training Center’s area head for Western Visayas and Dumaguete by coach Eric Altamirano and coach Alex Compton.