Passenger carnaps then abandons taxi

By Glazyl Y. Masculino


BACOLOD City – A taxi allegedly carnapped by an unidentified male passenger was recovered at Bangga Yap, Barangay Singcang-Airport here late Thursday night.

Police Major Leo Estopa, head of Police Station 6, said the suspect flagged down the taxi at Barangay 40 here and told the driver to bring him to the Southbound Ceres terminal.

But since there was no available trip to Hinigaran town in Negros Occidental, the passenger told the driver to return to Barangay 40 and asked him to give his wristwatch to a man, who was standing at the roadside, Estopa said.


“In good faith, nanaog man ang driver kag ginhatag ang relo,” he added.

But when the driver was about to return to his taxi, he was surprised to see that the passenger already took the wheel and drove the taxi, leaving him behind.

Estopa said the driver tried to chase the passenger but he failed, until they received a report of an abandoned taxi in Barangay Singcang-Airport around 12 am.

When they checked the vehicle, the lights were on and the key was inside the taxi, however, the taxi driver’s license was missing, the station commander added.

“Okay man ang salakyan, wala man may nadula, except lang sa lisensya nya nga na missing kuno, daw gin salisi lang siya guro,” Estopa said.

Fortunately, the taxi driver was able to keep his earnings for that day.