Pa, son yield after ‘shooting’ neighbor

By Jennifer P. Rendon

A 61-year-old father and his son voluntarily surrendered to police hours after they allegedly shot their neighbor early morning of Feb 16, 2023 in City Proper district, Iloilo City.

Police identified the suspects as Ricky Diesto and his son Joseph Diesto, both residents of Barangay Rizal- Estanzuela, City Proper.

They turned themselves in around 9:30 a.m. Tuesday, following the shooting incident at their village at 2:40 a.m.

The incident injured 28-year-old Antonio Estrella III.

According to Captain Mavin Laraño, Iloilo City Police Station 1 chief, Estrella was drunk and carrying a baseball bat when he stormed the Diestos’ house.

The Diestos went out of their house and asked Estrella why he had to confront them at night.

After a while, the Diestos decided to go inside their house and did not mind the victim’s rant.

“This might have irritated the victim more that he struck the suspects’ store with his baseball bat,” Laraño said.

Ricky and Michael claimed that Estrella was poised to attack them so they went inside the house.

Shortly later, several gunshots were heard.

The bloodied Estrella was found on the ground with gunshot injuries on his right thigh, left hip, two at the lower back portion of his body and his buttock.

Estrella was conscious when taken to Iloilo Doctors’ Hospital.

“Maybe, there was no intention for the suspects to kill him. They just wanted to disable Estrella,” Laraño said.

She said there was no clear motive for the incident except for misunderstanding.

The neighbors had no old grudges against each other, Laraño said.

Ricky and Michael are now detained at the lock-up cell of ICPS1 while Estrella is recuperating at the Western Visayas Medical Center where he was transferred after receiving initial treatment at Iloilo Doctors’ Hospital.