Pa, son held for stabbing neighbor to death

By Jennifer P. Rendon

A father and his teenage son are now behind bars after they allegedly connived in stabbing to death their neighbor in San Remigio, Antique evening of August 31, 2021.

The suspects were identified as Joery Tobias, 44, a farmer, and Joan Rey Tobias, 19, a construction worker, of Barangay Trinidad, San Remigio.

Corporal Sherwin Puyong, San Remigio police investigator, said the incident happened in the Tobias house around 9 p.m. of Tuesday.

The elder Tobias celebrated a day ahead of his actual birthday. He invited the victim, 47-year Jun Soriano, to a drinking binge.

The group had drinks inside the house until the victim went out and the elder Tobias followed later. A confrontation occurred followed by a commotion.

Puyong said witnesses saw Joery and Soriano grapple for a knife. There was also a bolo at the crime scene.

As the two tried to overpower each other, Joan Rey came to his father’s defense. Both suspects were able to tackle Soriano.

The victim was believed to have instantly died due to stab injuries on his chin, neck, forehead, and back of his body.

Joery, on the other hand, suffered a minor laceration in his chin. He was given treatment and detained along with his son.

Puyong said the suspects and the victim appeared to have no previous grudges.

“It could have been triggered because both parties were under the influence of liquor,” he said.

Puyong said they are now preparing charges against the suspects.

They are just waiting for his sibling from Capiz to formalize the complaint.

Soriano, who hails from Capiz, had a common-law wife with whom he had three children.