No truth to abduction, rape of sales agent – cops

By Glazyl Y. Masculino

BACOLOD City – The Women and Children Protection Desk (WCPD) of the Bacolod City Police Office (BCPO) on Friday, dismissed reports on the alleged abduction and rape of a 23-year-old sales agent here last Thursday.

Police Lieutenant Arlyn Torrendon, WCPD head, said the alleged victim told them that her statement and allegations were all “fabricated.”

The sales agent earlier told personnel of Police Station 3 that she was reportedly abducted by three unidentified men on a motorcycle in Barangay Bata here while she was on her way home on Thursday afternoon.

She alleged that the three persons tailed her and upon reaching the village market, one of them grabbed her hair and forcibly dragged her to a motorcycle.

She also claimed that her head was wrapped with a towel.

Upon reaching a house, the victim alleged that one of the perpetrators spiked a glass of water with a tablet and forced her to drink it, causing her to feel weak and dizzy, according to Police Captain Armilyn Vargas, Police Station 3 head.

After drinking the spiked water, the victim alleged that she was sexually abused by the perpetrators, whose faces were covered with bonnets, Vargas said.

Early Friday, the victim was able to escape from the perpetrators who were sleeping after drinking liquor.

She allegedly sneaked through a broken window and was later sighted by a motorist when she lost her consciousness while running away from the perpetrators.

She was then later left in one of the barangays in Silay City, Negros Occidental after the motorist saw her identification card. She then sought the help of her father’s friend to go home.

Aside from that, Vargas said they also investigated the perpetrators’ alleged extortion of the victim’s relatives. The perpetrators allegedly asked P10,000 in exchange for the victim’s freedom.

On the part of Police Station 3, Vargas said they investigated the incident upon receiving a report to verify the claims of the alleged victim despite the inconsistencies.

The WCPD later found out that there was no truth to the claims.

Torrendon said that based on the medical examination, there was no indication of sexual abuse. But she said that they saw a hematoma on her neck, which was said to be self-inflicted.

Torrendon said the sales agent made up the story because of a family problem.

“This is the only way to express her feeling nga ma-intsindihan siya,” she added.

Torrendon said that the supposed victim was very cooperative when they asked her some questions.

They offered her a temporary shelter so that she can have time to think and weigh the situation or her problem, but she refused.

Despite what happened, Torrendon said they could not accuse her of perjury because she did not make the claims under oath.

She, however, advised the parents to strictly monitor their children at home and to consider listening to them because they may be suffering from emotional, and psychological stress, especially with the influence of technology nowadays.

“Ang disiplina and guidance ara sa panimalay gasugod. Natabo na ini and naintsindihan man daw siya sang iya tatay,” Torrendon said.

She also stressed that making up stories could cause public alarm and this is something that should not be done.

“Himo-himo bagay na wala kamatuoran gina consider ta na pakamalaot kay gahimo kita bagay nga makatublag sa peace and order ta diri. Well, in fact, Bacolod City is peaceful gid ya,” Torrendon said.

With this development, Torrendon said that the case was considered closed.