New York cockfighting bettors: ‘Sirang sira na ang buhay namin’

By Alex P. Vidal 

“Oh, it’s not really gambling when you never lose.” —Jennifer Aniston

COCKFIGHTING online has destroyed the life of many Filipinos not only here in New York, but also in other countries with large number of OFWs (overseas Filipino workers).

This was lamented by a certain “Butchoy”, a 63-year-old retired Philippine Army captain, who now resides in the Woodside, Queens. Butchoy disclosed that in two years of betting in cockfighting online while living in New York, “I lost a fortune.”

“Hindi lang ako ang namulubi. Marami pa diyan. Tahimik lang kami pero sirang sira na ang mga buhay namin.” (I’m not the only one who is now penniless. There are so many of us there who are just concealing our misery, but our lives have been destroyed.)

He sobbed: “Marami diyan hiniwalayan at pinalayas pa ng mga asawa nila dahil inubos pati savings sa sugal.” (Others have been kicked out from their houses by their wives who had also filed for separation.) Butchoy, a part time chef and animal rights advocate, admitted he nearly lost his family because of gambling. “Buti binigyan ako ni misis nang second chance.”

He showed an ATM receipt to indicate what was left of his money in the bank: $240.

“Buti nga may laman pa o tingnan mo two forty (dollars). Noong isang araw $6,000 pa yan. Ganyan ako sinira ng online cockfighting na yan. Mahigit isang daan libong dolyar ang nawala sa akin in only six months. (What’s left in my ATM is only $240. It had $6,000 the other day. That’s how online cockfighting destroyed me. I lost more than $100,000 in only six months.)




Butchoy said there are two competing gambling dens ran by Filipinos in one community in Queens. “Dapat ipasara na yan. Dapat itigal na. Ang mga may ari lang ang kumikita diyan.” (They should be closed down for good. Their operations must be stopped. Only the owners are making a pile there.)

Cockfighting online is illegal and prohibited under the law. Butchoy said cockfighting online has impoverished a lot of Filipinos hooked on gambling, especially in countries where there are OFWs. “Bernard”, another New York-based Pinoy cockfighting online addict, won $2,000 Thursday but lost $4,800 Saturday.

On Friday he spent $1,600 in an overnight drinking binge inside a bar to celebrate with fellow bettors.

Papatayin ako ni misis pag nalaman niya ‘to. Huwag na muna ako uuwi.” (My wife will kill me if she will discover this. It’s better for me to stay away from our house for a while.),” bewailed Bernard, who fell asleep in the bar because of too much drunkenness.

According to many Filipinos in the neighborhood, Bernard logged the highest winning cash in cockfighting online betting: $80,000.

“But that was two years ago,” Jun, a chess player, confirmed.

“Beginner’s luck lang yun. After that palagi na siyang (Bernard) talo. Akala niya kasi tuloy tuloy ang suwerte niya. Uubusin siya ng cockfighting online na yan.” 

The types of Sabong Betting Odds, sources said, are:

Parehas:  Even odds

Lo Dies:  $100 wins $125 / $200 wins $250 / $400 wins $500

Walo-anim: $300 wins $400 / $600 wins $800

Onse:  $400 wins $550 / $800 wins $1100

Tres:  $1000 wins $1500

Sampu-anim:  $600 wins $1000

Doblado:  $1000 wins $2000




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Tonight’s “Deep Breath Moment”: A new world record was set at Nardin Academy in Buffalo, New York, last week. Basketball players from all across the region came together to play what is now the world’s longest basketball game. The game, which lasted five days, one minute and seven seconds, was organized to raise money for mental health resources in the Buffalo area. Ever Upward, Governor Andrew M. Cuomo”

(The author, who is now based in New York City, used to be the editor of two dailies in Iloilo)