Murder attempt on a Yanson

By Modesto P. Sa-onoy


It’s unthinkable that the family feud on the issue of inheritance and control of its businesses should go down into the pit of evil. Of course, there are numerous incidents of this downfall of man’s nature that had occurred in the past and we can expect in the future as well. For indeed, who can fathom this bottomless depth that the descendants of Cain had inflicted upon humanity?

I mentioned briefly in an early column the attempt to kill Emily Yanson, one of the six children of Ricardo B. Yanson and Olivia. However, at the time I had little confirmed information as the incident was being investigated. Now a case had been filed against several officers and employees of Vallacar Transit Incorporated as well as members of the Philippine National Police.

On February 5, 2021, four employees of VTI, Robert T. Egugan, Joemarie L. Langote, Enrique C. Gallo, Teddy C. Torcelero and Atty. Raul G. Bituon for and as Attorney in Fact of Emily V. Yanson, executed a joint affidavit charging several officials and employees of Vallacar Transit Incorporated of Attempted Murder. Included were police officers.

Charged with the crime of attempted murder are: (1) Hernan B. Omecillo, at the time vice president for Administration of VTI and now COO of VTI; (2) Noel de Ocampo, Manager of Technological Engineering Bus Body and Production ((TEBBAP); (3) Jerry Villarante alias “Dodo”, Warehouse Man of VTI and manages the water refilling station and Shell Gasoline Station owned by Omecillo; (4) Joel Vistal, AVP for Maintenance of VTI; (5) Manuel Mancia, driver of the Boom Truck and during the time was a radioman of VTI;

(6) Victorino Hucalinas, a welder assigned to Mandatory Preventive Maintenance (MPM) of VTI; (7) Gener Ilonggo, painter assigned at the TEBBAP; (8) Randy Jineza, TEBBAP painting supervisor of VTI; (9) Sylvestre Labayen alias “Takyo”, Supervisor, Fiber Glass of VTI; (10) John Doe No. 1, seen in the photo as the first to jump out of the boom truck, wearing yellow hooded jacket, orange shirt with dark sunglasses and is said to be …[missing text]; (11) P/Col. Benliner Capili, Regional Director, CIDG 6; (12) P/Lt. Fermin Pula; (12) P/Major Sherlock C. Gabana, Station Commander of BAC UP 7; (13) P/Col. Henry F. Biñas, City Director, Bacolod City Police Office; (14) John Does and Jane Does, those in the black car and those in the vehicle of Joel Vistal.

The affiants charged these people “for conspiring, cooperating, and abetting in the commission of, first the crime of “attempted murder” under Article 248 of the Revised Penal Code of the Philippines and “other applicable crimes.” What are the facts of their charges?

According to their joint affidavit, “on August 6, 2019 at about 12:30 o’clock in the afternoon, Complainant EVY (referring to Emily V. Yanson) went out of the VTI main gate using the service gate and announced to all the employees, who were waiting outside the gate that, while they were not be allowed to enter the VTI headquarters due to security reasons, they will nevertheless be credited and paid for reporting to work.”

We recall that at this time there was commotion and confusion in the VTI compound in Mansilingan because of the intervention of the police from Bacolod and reportedly from other units. We can imagine the employees trying to get inside so they could work but were barred by those who took over the premises. We learned later that the forcible takeover was done without a court order.

“EVY also informed the employees that for those who wanted to go home, may do so and she then went back inside the Main Office” of the VTI.

Emily’s decision was prudent as well as pre-emptive. By allowing the workers to go home she prevented a large crowd of workers from being caught in a crossfire in the event that some policemen with an itchy finger and gungho mentality would show their misguided loyalty to their bosses.

“Soon thereafter,” the Charge continued, “Complainant Gallo decided to go home on board his motorcycle. While passing by the Shell Gasoline Station (allegedly owned and operated by respondent Omecillo), Gallo noticed” movements that alerted him. Something sinister was afoot.

Continued tomorrow.