MORE Power launches #DoMORE Initiatives to celebrate 3rd year

MORE Power President and COO Roel Z. Castro with Miss Vanessa Caro, who is vying to be one of the official candidates of Miss Universe Philippines representing Iloilo province, during the blood donation drive in partnership with the Philippine Red Cross.

It has been three years since we started serving Iloilo City and in that time, we strived to be more than just an electric utility distributor for the city. To celebrate our 3rd anniversary, we decided to take a greener step forward.

For our month-long 3rd anniversary celebration last February 2022, we partnered with the Partners in Power Foundation and launched our #DoMORE Initiatives.

With the theme “With MORE Power comes Great Sustainability”, these initiatives were aimed at making our planet a greener and more livable place for everyone.

For the whole month of February, we spearheaded several activities with a greener and brighter future in mind.

We first began our celebration last February 14 with our anniversary mass at the Jaro Cathedral to thank Him for His abundance and grace and for always keeping our linemen safe when conducting line repairs.

On February 15, we conducted a bloodletting activity in partnership with the Philippine Red Cross to help alleviate the pressures on our health sector in saving more lives.

We then began our first green initiative for our month-long celebration last February 16 with a mangrove planting activity at Esplanade 7 to help our environment recover from the effects of calamities and the negative impact caused by the previous oil spill that occurred in Bo. Obrero.

We then continued our sustainability efforts with a tree planting activity last February 17 at the Global Business Power-Eco Park in Brgy. Ingore, Lapaz. This activity was aimed at restoring the narra trees that were depleted and we will continuously monitor and ensure the growth of the saplings. This will also help us in our goal to plant 2,000 trees by the end of 2022.

We also wanted to give more focus to our local farmers. Last February 18, we continued our celebration by turning seeds over to our farmers to promote urban gardening in Iloilo City. We wanted to encourage farmers to shift to organic farming for a more sustainable livelihood and help provide the Ilonggos with cheap and healthy farm produce through sustainable and organic farming.

Aside from that, we also held a Sunday Farmer’s Market last February 19 where our local farmers were able to promote and sell their produce. And to spice things up that day, we also held “Kampeon sa Kusina”, a cook-off between our employees where the participants prepared a traditional Filipino dish using just the ingredients available at the Sunday Farmer’s Market. Through these activities, we hoped to encourage Ilonggos to patronize local produce and appreciate our own farmers’ efforts too.

We concluded our month-long celebration last February 28 by releasing a total of 730 juvenile fishes in the Iloilo River, equivalent to the number of days that we have been operating in the Iloilo City franchise area and serving the Ilonggos. This is also part of our sustainability efforts in hopes that this would help restore the ecological balance of the river and its fish variety and create a sustainable supply of aquatic food for the Ilonggos.

These are only some of our #DoMORE initiatives. But more importantly, these initiatives are here to stay. For the coming years, we commit to #DoMORE not just for the Ilonggos but most importantly, for our planet.

There is still a lot that needs to be done for our planet. And we can do this together. As long as we work together, we can #DoMORE.