MORE Power completes repair works on City Proper substation

MORE Power personnel conduct much needed maintenance and repair works on the City Proper substation in Iloilo City. The repairs were completed more than an hour ahead of its original schedule. (Leo Solinap photo)more

MORE Electric and Power Co. on Sunday completed the maintenance and repair works on the City Proper substation in Iloilo City in 11 hours and 43 minutes, way ahead of the projected timeframe and power outage of 13 hours.

The works were supposed to start at around 4 am but it was moved to 5:30 am due to the early morning rain. It was completed 5:02 pm instead of 6:30 pm as MORE Power announced a week ago.

MORE Power said in a statement that they exerted all efforts to finish the maintenance works way ahead of time so that consumers will not suffer from prolonged brownout.

The maintenance works included over all tests of the transformers which were manufactured way back in the 80s, degassing and filtering of the main tank of the 20 mega volt ampere (MVA) power transformer, oil change in the On Load Tap Changer, testing of all overcurrent protection relays of the each circuit breakers, functionality test of all circuit breakers, tightening of all loose connections of line terminal bushings, installation of four feeder meter for accurate monitoring of energy, power and current in every feeder.

MORE Power said the maintenance works will extend the service life of the transformers and will also guide them in replacing defective parts.

Parallel works in the distribution lines in City Proper were also conducted on Sunday:

-Replacement of a dilapidated primary pole with a 60-foot concrete pole at corner Mabini-Ledesma St;

-Replacement of a dilapidated primary pole with a 50-ft concrete pole at Plaza Libertad;

-Replacement of a dilapidated primary pole with a 50-ft concrete pole

at Corner Gen. Hughes St.-Duran St;

-Replacement of a dilapidated primary pole with a 50-ft concrete pole at Gen. Hughes St. in front of Colegio de San Jose;

-Transfer of line attachments to the existing 50-ft. concrete pole at Corner Mabini-Gen. Luna St;

-Transfer of attachment to the existing 50 ft. concrete pole along Gen. Luna St. near Barbecue Park.



Some netizens recognized MORE Power’s efforts to fix the distribution system despite the prolonged outages.

One businessman said he never heard the previous distribution utility conduct preventive maintenance of the system.

Sang una ang PECO wala gahimo sang amo ni kay basi kuno maakig ang konsumidor kung malawig ang power interruption. Amo na nga pabayaan na lang nila kag maghulat na lang nga mapatay ang power transformer. Maayo lang kay naturn over na sa MORE Power ang mga pasilidad nga ini.  Ang distribution company nga may pagsalig nga ang ini nga malawig nga scheduled power interruptions ang maintindihan gid namon nga mga konsumidor,” the Iloilo City businessman said.

Maki Sebastian said he understands the reasons behind the maintenance works.

Chindiha ra na lang anay gamay, kay gina islan nila ang mga defects nga nabilin ka previous elec company ah. Kung maislan na nila kag ma maintain wala naman na guro masyado interruptions,” Sebastian said.

Clementyn Nardo recalled that unscheduled brownouts were also rife under the previous distribution firm.

Corek..kng makareklamo cia daw wla ka agi brown out sg nagligad nga Compa(any).. Mas malala to cia ya..gamay lang to ya nga talithi brown out na dayon …Magkilat gamay duro na gilunupok nga fuse kapin pa dri sa amon area..Nd ya pwd nga nd magiukpan d amon fuse…Agwanta Ing kita gamay subong ky gina make sure ni sg More nga maislan sg bag o ang mga dapat maislan..”

Joe Teodosio hailed MORE Power’s engineers for the maintenance works of the substations which is meant to avoid longer brownouts.

Prans Martinez recalled that the supposed 13-hour brownout in Jaro was cut short by an hour during the maintenance works on Jaro substations.

Shan V. Mallorca thanked MORE Power delivered on its promise to restore power after six hours of outage in Molo due to important repairs.

MORE Power said they only received 70 queries about the maintenance works via social media and other platforms.