Marketing to Millennials: Why Sustainability is Key

By: Mikee Canaman

If there’s one thing most people can agree on about millennials, it’s that they’re the most socially aware and transparent of their predecessors. Having grown up during a time when the world was shifting quickly towards digitalization, they craved for authenticity, expression, and of course, sustainability.

Various researches will tell you that millennials are driven by more than just a pretty product. They want to know that you’re eco-friendly, home-grown, and practical. They’re keen on making a difference; so expect them to ask questions, provide feedback, and connect with you as a business owner. This type of ‘interactive marketing’ was born thanks to passionate, creative, and future-forward individuals.

That’s why initiatives like Produkto Lokal, are a hit among millennials. A project by the Youth First Initiative Philippines Inc., it aims to promote local start-ups to empower communities, as well as offer a venue where you can find unique and high-quality products.

This year, they will hold the first-ever Produkto Lokal Sustainable Weekend Fair from September 27-29, from 10 AM to 10 PM at the Festive Walk Mall fountain area in Mandurriao, Iloilo City. Featuring home-grown businesses such as Up Gear, LoCo, Iba’Diba, Joei’s Ecobuys, and Sak*ko, it seeks to spread awareness on responsible consumption and production. Buyers are encouraged to bring their own tumblers, eco-bags, and bamboo/stainless steel straws to help with the cause.

But aside from sustainable products, did you know that going digital and cashless is also another awesome way to ‘go green’? With just your smartphone, you can find discounts, collect loyalty points, and pay conveniently. No need for paper coupons! The glocal app for your local finds, Findr, makes all these possible.

Developed by Ilonggo innovators and made available for iOS and Android users, the Findr App can help you find promos and discounts in your key destinations. The more you use it on their partner stores, the more points you get. These points are as good as cash (1 point is equal to 1 PHP). Participate during the Produkto Lokal Sustainable Weekend Fair and get a chance to win up to 100 points, which is equivalent to 100 PHP when you bring something sustainable (e.g. an eco bag or a stainless straw). You can then use your points to buy the items you love from Produkto Lokal merchants!

Visit the Findr booth at the Produkto Lokal Sustainable Weekend Fair starting this Friday, September 28, to learn more. Join in on the fun while learning how to become a more responsible consumer for the future.


Mikee Canaman is the Senior Manager of FutureSmart Resources + Strategies Inc., an Asean company committed to bridge gaps through technological innovation and data-driven strategies. She is also a Global Shaper from Iloilo Hub, part of the Global Shapers Community — an initiative of the World Economic Forum.