Man stabbed to death by aunt and her live-in partner 

By Jennifer P. Rendon 

A couple remains at large after they allegedly attacked a 35-year-old man afternoon of Sept 25, 2022 in Batad, Iloilo.

Police are now preparing a case for murder against Alma Villanueva and her live-in partner Reynaldo Maderaje of Barangay Bulak Sur, Batad.

Villanueva and Maderaje allegedly conspired in killing Villanueva’s nephew, Bernardo de Julian Jr., following a fight at around 1:30 p.m. Sunday.

The incident happened after a heated argument between Villanueva and de Julian while they were on the roadside at Bulak Sur village.

Lieutenant Jaypee Silvestre, Batad police chief, said the misunderstanding between the aunt and her nephew occurred after the latter called her out for not taking care of her son.

Villanueva has three children from her previous relationship.

This didn’t sit well with the suspect until they figured in a confrontation.

Witnesses claimed they later heard Villanueva shouting, “Wala ko ya nahadlok mag patay sa inyo. May gina saligan ko ya! Maski mag tawag kamo to ka pulis! (I am not afraid to kill you. I rely on someone. Even if you call the police)”

Without hesitation, Villanueva allegedly drew a handgun tucked in her waist and fired at the victim.

But the bullet missed de Julian.

The victim immediately charged at his aunt to grapple for the gun.

Maderaje then came in to help his live-in partner. He allegedly pulled a knife tucked in his waist and stabbed the victim.

Villanueva also pistol whipped the already wounded de Julian on the face.

Witnesses claimed that Maderaje kept stabbing de Julian even when he was already lying on the ground.

He was even heard telling the witnesses, “Hay diin na ang pulis niyo? (Where are your cops)”

After the incident, the two suspects boarded a motorcycle and fled.

Police later found the bloodied de Julian when they arrived in the area.

The victim was rushed to a hospital for treatment but he was declared dead on arrival.

Silvestre said de Julian succumbed to five stab wounds.

But police did not recover any firearm or empty shell from the crime scene.