Man drowns during ALS graduation celebration

By Jennifer P. Rendon

A 23-year-old man died from drowning as he and another friend tried to swim to an island Wednesday afternoon.

Leonell Cobrador, 23, a resident of Barangag Cabagohan, Batad, Iloilo, was rushed to the hospital after he drowned in the waters of Banban, Batad.

But the attending physician of the Jesus Colmenares District Hospital in Balasan town declared him dead on arrival.

Patrolman Victorino Bundac, Batad police investigator, said Cobrador and 10 others, including a teacher, his classmates, and the younger sibling of his classmate, went to the seaside of Banban to celebrate their graduation from the Alternative Learning System (ALS).

A drinking binge followed.

It was late afternoon of Wednesday when the group decided to go to a nearby island, which is just around 250 meters from the shoreline.

While their companions decided to trudge on a shallow portion of the waters, the victim and a certain Gilbert Onabia decided to swim. They brought with them a water gallon as floater.

But when they reached a deeper portion of the sea, Cobrador shouted for help while waving his hands. He was fished out of the water 15 minutes later.

The family will reportedly request for an autopsy after a hematoma was found on his neck.