L’UNICO: Experience good vibes and great food

Good vibes and great food – two things that every Ilonggo will experience while dining in the newly-opened L’UNICO Restaurant.

L’UNICO, located along Circumferential Road in Pakiad, Oton, Iloilo, opened its door to the public on March 10, 2023, ready to capture the hearts of Ilonggos with its savory dishes and refreshing drinks.

The establishment’s serene surrounding and modern interior design screams comfortable relaxation for families who want quality time over food or friends who want to revisit moments with some bottle of beer.

The foodies will surely raved this newly-opened restaurant because of its different flavorful food, such as seafood, soup, pork and chicken dishes, and other mouthwatering Ilonggo recipes.

All the dishes on the menu are cooked to perfection and will indeed satisfy everyone’s hunger and taste buds for a very reachable price.

It also has indoor and alfresco seating for customer to relax in the open sunshine and during moonlit nights or sit in the corner and enjoy the music inside.

What makes L’UNICO more interesting and a perfect dining experience is also the collection of toys and BTS (K-Pop group) merchandise that every K-Pop and kids-at-heart foodies will enjoy.

This is L’UNICO, where good vibes and great food can be experienced all at once.


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