Killings exacerbate our emotional anguish

By Alex P. Vidal

“No one loves the messenger who brings bad news.” ― Sophocles, Antigone

AT least eight of the first 10 videos and news posted on social media over the week were about the massacre of nine people in Pamplona, Negros Oriental that also killed Governor Roel Degamo on March 4.

Most of the videos were personal vlogs and clips from news networks that tackled the bloody carnage, which prompted the national government to deploy battalions of elite Army forces in that province to hunt down the remaining gunmen believed to be hiding in the hills, and secure the civilian populace.

Eight out of 10 vlogs assailed the massacre and sought justice for the fallen governor and the eight others.

At least two or more promoted the crazy idea that the governor’s widow, Janice, the mayor of Pamplona “may be involved” in the ghastly killings.

If they were diversionary tactics meant to smokescreen the real mastermind or masterminds, we are not stupid not to understand what’s going on.

Some criminal minds desperate to wiggle out from trouble always want to win the people’s sympathy by playing victims. A squid or a “reverse psychology” tactic.

The court battle will be another thing. You may succeed in winning the minds of some gullible in the social media through manipulation and sustained lies, but you can’t twist the truth; you can’t change the facts.

In the end, justice will prevail.


Some of the vloggers who zeroed in on the widow’s supposed possible involvement could be sympathizers of the now “missing” Negros Oriental 3rd district Rep. Arnie Teves, the alleged mastermind in Degamo’s murder.

This may be possible especially when they exonerated Teves and transformed the embattled congressman into a victim of harassment and political persecution.

All of a sudden, pro-Teves vlogs and social media mercenaries have mushroomed in the social media and hit Degamo, Mayor Janice, Interior Secretary Benhur Abalos, Jr., and Justice Secretary Jesus Crispin Remulla.

Indeed, paid hacks are everywhere.

Now that Degamo has been laid to rest, we expect the number of the Pamplona massacre-related vlogs to slowly thin away in our social media timeline.

Topics about violence, political rivalry, terrorism, killings among other depressing stories, have only succeeded in planting more hatred and prejudices in the netizens’ hearts and minds.

The stories have exacerbated our emotional and mental anguishes especially if there was no immediate justice in sight for the dead despite the saber rattling of government and police authorities.


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(The author, who is now based in New York City, used to be the editor of two local dailies in Iloilo.—Ed)


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