Killing won’t affect biz climate – biz exec

Metro Bacolod Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MBCCI) Chief Executive Officer Frank Carbon (Left)

By Dolly Yasa

BACOLOD City – Metro Bacolod Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MBCCI) Chief Executive Officer Frank Carbon believes that the killing of a cop during the weekend will not affect this city’s business climate.

A police officer who went Absent without Official Leave (AWOL) was gunned down by four unidentified suspects in front of a fast food chain at Burgos Street-Circumferential Road Saturday afternoon.

“No, we feel, the majority in the community have also realized the damage done by illegal drugs and it’s about time that we deal with it squarely,” Carbon told Daily Guardian here Sunday.

He also urged top city and police officials to sustain the campaign against illegal drugs adding that “we should be relentless and it should not be over till it’s over.”

“Recently, we’ve realized that the drug problem is a very serious community menace that requires serious counter actions, not only from our police force, but from the whole community, most especially from our civilian authorities.”

Carbon said that “the actions may sometime necessitate the use of excessive force” in order to solve the problem.

“We can only operate and grow, and create the needed jobs in an environment of relative peace and the drug problem deter investments and economic growth.”

As far as the killings are concerned Carbon said, “We are in quandary now… as a Christian, killings go against our primary beliefs. But sometimes the situation calls for it for the benefit of the many.”

Killed on Saturday was Patrolman Eric Alcosaba who was said to have been deployed to Mindanao two years ago but did not report to his post.

Alcosaba was included in a supplemental affidavit of Ricky Serenio, the self confessed bagman of the Berya Group who was ambushed and slain by a riding in tandem suspects last year.