Jordan slaughterhouse yields more hogs than cattle

Fig1. Guimaras Jordan Hog and Cattle, by heads, by volume: January- June 2019
Source: Compilation of Data on Slaughterhouse and Poultry Dressing Plants

THE slaughterhouse of Jordan, Guimaras processed more hogs than cattle during the first 6 months of 2019 at 3,367 heads, nearly three times than cattle at 1,215 heads only.

The 3,367 slaughtered hogs translated to 203,570 kilograms (kg) of hog carcass weight, twice more than the cattle carcass production recorded at 100,831 kg only.

Based on the month-on-month slaughtered hog production, April tops the list with 640 heads, contributing 19.01 percent to the total production for the first semester of 2019, and the lowest was in June with 440 heads.

Likewise, the most number of slaughtered cattle was in April with 223 heads while the least was in February with 182 heads, contributing 14.98 percent to the total slaughtered cattle in the first semester of the current year.

In terms of volume, both hogs and cattle carcasses recorded erratic trends for the first six months of 2019.

The most number of hog carcasses was recorded in April, contributing 18.65 percent to the total carcass weights for the first semester of 2019.

Cattle peaked in May at 18,054 kg, contributing 17.91 percent to the total cattle’s carcass volume.