ISN’T IT IRONIC?: Jevron’s claims laden with inconsistencies, contrary to the physical evidences gathered but still used in murder charge

Jevron Parohinog

By Jennifer P. Rendon

Jevron Parohinog, who was earlier labeled as the sole survivor in the fatal September 14, 2022 shooting incident in Estancia, Iloilo, purportedly gave the police conflicting statements that did not support the evidence gathered by probers.

This is according to the affidavit of Staff Sergeant Jayson Entarcigo, a member of the Estancia Municipal Police Station who was the investigator-on-case of the Special Investigation Task Group (SITG) PALIBOSFER.

“The investigation was able to prove that Jevron’s claims in his statements given to the police with the assistance of a counsel of his own choice is replete with inconsistencies and are contrary to the physical evidence at the scene of the crime,” Entarcigo said in his affidavit.

Despite these loopholes, police still used Jevron’s statement as basis for filing murder charges against 11 suspects.

Among those charged were brothers Jevron Parohinog and Jix Parohinog, Michael Porras, Michael Quiachon, Benzen Llamado, and 5 John Does.

Entarcigo also reiterated in his affidavit earlier reports of the SITG that Jevron’s unpaid debts to the late Jan Paul Mark Bosque and Chrysler Floyd Fernandes amounting to millions of pesos may have triggered the incident.

“This inability to pay his debts compelled the respondent Jevron to devise his devious plan to feign payment to lure his creditors to his place in Estancia, Iloilo,” the investigator said.

Entarcigo claimed that the motive for the killing has been proven by sufficient evidence.

Meanwhile, Jix Parohinog, Jevron’s older brother and co-accused, was implicated “considering that documentary evidences indicate that he is bound to benefit from the crime since he set up the collateral in the form of checks for the loan obtained by his brother Jevron from the two victims (Bosque and Fernandes).”

On the other hand, Quiachon, was dragged into the case after he was identified as the owner of the firearm that was used in shooting the victims, Entarcigo claimed in his affidavit.

As earlier reported, Michael Porras was identified as the person who flagged down the victims’ Isuzu MuX sports utility vehicle (SUV) before they were found dead at Brgy. Villa Pani-an, Estancia.

As to Benzen Llamado, he was implicated in court after he allegedly asked a subordinate to get the P1.5 million from Bosque as the latter’s investment for the e-sabong or online cockfight business.

Despite the inconsistencies in Jevron’s statement, police still used his affidavit in charging Quiachon, Porras, and Llamado.

Except for Porras, the other four suspects have yet to issue a statement on the case against them.


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