Is VP Leni Robredo a traitor?

By: Lucell Larawan

International Relations expert Jun Avelino wrote a letter to Vice President Leni Robredo (in The News Feeder) about her UNCHR drug probe stance. Such concern should make the Filipinos think.

The letter goes:


Dear Madam Vice President Leni Robredo,

When you decided to allow your country to be subjected to an investigation for its drug war policy by the UNHCR just because 18 members thereof adopted such resolution notwithstanding the opposition of 14 members and the abstention of 15 who may have considered such resolution pathetic and irrelevant, you willingly surrendered your country’s sovereignty and independence, like a whore, to the whims and lustful caprices of those 18 maniacs whose sentiments do not even represent the collective stance of the 47 Council members, much less, the 193 members of the United Nations.

Madam Vice President, the drug war program of Duterte is embraced by the Filipino people as the ultimate solution to preserve the existence of our country which is threatened by the drug menace. You may not feel it from the ivory tower where you luxuriously sat your fat ass on, but we, ordinary citizens do, with all the heinous crimes being committed on a daily basis in connection with the drug use and abuse, where more than 5 million Filipinos have been rendered victims thereon, and hundreds of billions of pesos worth of confiscated drugs, which if left unchecked, would have rendered this country into becoming a narco-state. Sadly, Madam VP, this became rampant in the previous administration where you were part of.

Clearly, our country’s battle against the drug menace is purely a domestic affair, and if any Filipino, including yourself Madam VP Robredo, who may have a better approach in winning our drug war, should first win the support of the Filipino people through the electoral process which happens only in 2022 national elections. Any short-cut to that process is a travesty to the very principles of democracy for which the existence of this country is anchored upon. The Filipino people have spoken in 2016 and have accepted and embraced Duterte’s governance including his drug war policy and the Vice President should just respect that collective sentiment of the people!

Madam Vice President, when you readily submitted our country’s sovereignty to the whims and caprices of the 18 countries which have, by the way, miserably failed their own country’s respective drug wars, you only show what kind of a weak leader that you are! Instead of fighting against foreign intrusions on our domestic affairs, you allowed yourself to become a party to the black propaganda which maliciously maligned our country’s sovereignty and independence. That sucks! Now if you are comfortable with it, you do not deserve even an ounce of our respect, much less adulation from the very people whom you have betrayed and who are now ready to impose the maximum penalty of political isolation deserving of your unpardonable malicious political machinations in favor of your patrons abroad.

With all due respect Madam Vice President, with your posturing in support of the UNHRC Resolution, before the eyes of the Filipinos, you have become a TRAITOR to our fatherland for being submissive to foreign intervention on our domestic affairs. You are not only subservient as a leader but you projected an acquiescent whore-image willing to be whacked from behind in the name of the Presidency!!!!

Every patriotic and freedom-loving Filipino citizen of this country should therefore condemn such hooker stance of our country’s Vice President on the UN resolution which is a grievous act of betrayal to the sense of our country’s independence and sovereignty!