Indian national collared over compatriot’s killing

By Jennifer P. Rendon

Authorities collared an Indian national who was tagged to the murder of a fellow Indian four months ago in Estancia, Iloilo.

Hardeep Singh, 23, was arrested afternoon of July 27 at his temporary residence in Barangay Barosbos, Carles town.

Hardeep was linked to the killing of 25-year-old Kamal Deep Singh, whose body was found inside his home at Villa Subdivision in Barangay Cano-an, Estancia evening of March 27.

Hardeep was immediately arrested after the body was discovered near the crime scene.

Lieutenant Joebert Amado, Estancia police chief, said that they filed a case against Hardeep, his girlfriend, and four John Does.

“But he was not immediately indicted for the crime since what we had submitted were circumstantial evidences,” he said.

The suspect was ordered released from detention and the case went through regular filing.

Recently, he was indicted but the case against his girlfriend and the four John Does was dismissed.

His arrest warrant for homicide was issued on July 25.

Kamal’s throat was slit when found. He also sustained two stab wounds on his chest and one on the back of his body. He also had a defense wound on his arm.

Kamal was found bathed in his own blood inside his rented house in Villa Paterna.

Amado said the victim lived a block away from the suspect’s house.

The incident was discovered after one of Kamal’s collectors claimed that her calls to her employer were unanswered.

During Sundays, the female collector would usually wait for the victim to pick her up at a curb outside the subdivision to do some field work.

But when Kamal Deep didn’t show up at the usual time, she called him up. After several tries, she decided to go to his house and check.

When she peeked inside the house, she immediately saw blood on the curtain and wall.

The woman then called another female collector before asking the subdivision management for assistance.

When the officials from the subdivision opened the house, they immediately saw the lifeless Kamal.