Ilonggo students strengthen art skills

Students learned how to draw through an activity that raised awareness and appreciation among aspiring Ilonggo artists.

Full-time independent studio artist Kristoffer George Brasileño conducted recently an introductory seminar about drawing to 30 students of Iloilo National High School – School for the Arts.

The initiative was part of a series as prelude to the first hosting of The Iloilo Summer Arts Festival (ISAF) 2020 from April 3 to May 17.

“In art, the possibility is limitless. You are given a platform or setting that you can explore. The only limit is your imagination. What I like most about art is that there is no limit,” Brasileño said.

He shared a short and fun activity as an introduction to drawing. The collaborative part involved each of the students to add their own strokes in a sequence until the artwork is completed. It helped the students to grasp free play, unpredictability, and collaboration.

Brasileño, whose art mediums are graphite pencils and oil, painted the Graciano Lopez Jaena mural along Muelle Loney in City Proper.

Brasileño is also a part-time college instructor at Central Philippine University Digital Media and Interactive Arts Program. (PIO)