Iloilo United Royals’ Andrei Pantin joins stacked ODM squad

Ilonggo Andrei Pantin is the latest big-name to join the JB ABL II (Christine Joie Jaylo)

By Leobert Julian A. de la Peña

The JB Amateur Basketball League II off-season buzz is still not over.

In fact, the hype got even more intense as the second season nears with all the teams having major acquisitions to beef up their respective rosters.

No team is more stacked than the ODM Sportswear. Already the early favorite after signing elite guard Miguel Sasuman, the team announced another blockbuster move after acquiring the services of Andrei Pantin from the Iloilo United Royals.

ODM’s title chances are at an all-time high, flaunting a formidable lineup of Jesse Sullano and former Asialink/E&C Trucking versatile forward Wilmer Dalumpines, all eyes will be on team ODM with the arrival of Pantin.

With almost all teams managing to bolster their lineup this offseason, aside from the scoring expected from the versatile wing player, Pantin’s experience playing professional basketball will be a welcome boost to ODM’s campaign.

It’s not only ODM making moves this summer though, Team Malditos recently announced that Jefrey “Mr. Excitement” Espinosa will join their team in the JB ABL II and will try to lead Team Malditos from a disappointing finish last season.

Probably the most popular player in the province, Espinosa got his moniker from his dazzling finishes and crowd roaring acrobatic plays.

A former Biron Cup season 2 mythical five member, Espinosa proved he still belongs in the elite level after getting at it with the young and emerging superstars in Iloilo in the last Dinagyang Basketball Cup, carrying the Guimaras Leopards to a final four finish.