Iloilo Kisela Knights score twin wins in 2022 PCAP third conference

Iloilo ended its PCAP match night with a sweeping 2-0 win. (IKK photo)

By Leobert Julian A. de la Peña

The Iloilo Kisela Knights bounced back from a 1-1 split outing and dominated their recently concluded scheduled game in the ongoing 2022 Professional Chess Association of the Philippines (PCAP) third conference tournament.

Iloilo had one of their most flawless back-to-back victories after decimating Mindoro, 20.5-0.5, and Olongapo, 19-2.

Mindoro’s only point of the game came during the fourth board of the blitz category when GM Rogelio Antonio Jr. of Iloilo and Cesar Cunanan ended their match in a draw.

After that, it was all Iloilo as the Kisela Knights swept all boards from the remaining games in the blitz category to the last seven playing boards.

NM Cesar Mariano, Karl Viktor Ochoa, and Fiona Geeweneth Guirhem spearheaded the waxing hot Iloilo start in the rapid category.

After the three sweeping victories, the Kisela Knights sucked the life out of Mindoro and completed the seven-board sweep for a 14-0 rapid category score.

Meanwhile, against Olongapo, the Kisela Knights continued their onslaught and immediately imposed their will on the first seven playing boards.

NM Fritz Bryan Porras and NM John Michael Silvederio set the tone for Iloilo after two-straight wins in the blitz category and helped the Kisela Knights establish an early 6-1 lead.

Iloilo then replicated its Game 1 dominance and held Olongapo to just a point in the rapid category after Horizon Villanueva figured in a draw in the last playing board.

With the sweeping PCAP outing, the Kisela Knights improved to 12 wins and two losses and are the current no. 2 team in the Southern Division.

The rolling Pasig squad is still the no. 1 team in the league with a 13-1 win-loss record followed by Davao.